11 Of The Best Sunsets In The World

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Who doesn't love a magical sunset? Most places in the world will offer you a decent view every now and then but if you want to see some truly spectacular sinkings of the sun, it's worth visiting one of these destinations to lap up the rays.

1. Hayman Island, Australia

Hayman Island

This private island is the perfect place to see one of the earth's great sunset shows. It also offers access ot some of the best coral reefs and marine life in the world, making it popular with honeymooners and water sports fanatics alike. After a day in the water, head back to your One&Only villa, which edges two kilometres of white sand, and take a dip in your pool at dusk to watch the sun slip into the ocean.

2. Gardenstown, Scotland

Gardenstown in Scotland (Yahoo)

About an hour's drive north of Aberdeen on the Banff coast lies the pretty cliffside town of Gardenstown. It's quiet and charming with stunning coastal walks, a cute working harbour, macaroni pies and friendly (if a little tricky-to-understand) locals. But its biggest draw is the unbelievable Scottish sunsets. The ultimate win is to see the local pod of dolphins jumping past just as the sun turns the sky highlight-pen pinks and oranges.

3. Mount Teide, Tenerife

Mount Teide in Tenerife (Flickr/bollan)

Part of the stargazing tour up Mount Teide is the incredible sunset near the top of the mountainside, above the clouds. You can take a minibus up to a restaurant near the summit where you have dinner, then head up a little further to watch the sunset. After that the night is still young and you head right to the top to check out the starlight before heading sleepily back down at about 1am.

4. AVANI Sepang, Malaysia

AVANi Sepang, Malaysia

The over-water villas built in the shape of a palm at the AVANI Sepang Goldcoast Resort all give good sunset. After days spent on the beach or filled with activities like elephant rides, treks to rural villages, white water rafting or shopping in Kuala Lumpur, it's fabulous to relax on your balcony, cocktail in hand, and watch the sun turn from yellow to orange and red before finally hitting the horizon.

5. The Pantanal, Brazil

The Pantanal, Brazil (Yahoo)

Forget the rainforests, Brazil's marshlands are where it's really at. There's far more wildlife to see in this area than in the dense forests around Manaus and you can fish for Pirhanas, swim in the rivers (yes, the same rivers!) and stalk big cats by day. But by evening, the transition from day to night is a truly stunning sight, followed by night safaris and listening to the sounds of monkies around your camp.

6. andBeyond Kichwa Tembo, Kenya

andBeyond Kichwa Tembo, Kenya

Africa is renowned for its incredible sunsets (something to do with the flat savannahs and enormous sky) and some of the best I've ever seen are at this tiny camp in Kenya. andBeyond Kichwa Tembo tented Camp lies in the Masai Mara, where the Riverine Forest meets the sweeping plains of the Mara and it's a top spot for watching the annual Great Migration.

Early evening, gin and tonic in hand, it doesn't get much better than sitting poolside by candle-light and watching the sun drift away whilst hearing the first stirrings of nocturnal animals coming out to prowl.

7. Mismaloya, Jalisco, Mexico

Mismaloya in Mexic (Flickr/lucynieto)

We know all about the east coast of Mexico thanks to Cancun and Tulum, but if you're willing to put in a few more hours on the plane to get to the other side, an entire coastline of beautiful sunsets awaits you. The Bahia de Banderas is a sunset hotspot (and there is Whale watching during certain periods of the year).

Mismaloya, a cute, quiet beach town is a perfect example. It's a short bus ride from the 'Cancun of the West Coast' Puerto Vallarta but feels a world away from the busy party city. Alternatively head north from Vallarta to Sayulita where you can enjoy the hippy vibes and learn to surf by day.

8. Cotton Beach Club, Ibiza

Cotton Club, Ibiza

A quick hop over to the white isle and you can see stunning Med sunsets every night. Set in Cala Tarida, the island's newest beach club is a fabulous place to catch the last rays of the day.

In fact, Cotton Beach Club loves this time of day so much it's started Sunset Sublime on Thursdays and Saturdays at 7pm, so you can celebrate early evening with a drink and top tunes on the roof terrace to celebrate nature's most colourful part of the day. There's also a private beach and indoor dining too, if you want to spend the day here.

9. Land's End, Cornwall

Land's End in Cornwall (Flickr/karen_roe)

Even closer to home, catch the sun going down on Cornwall's southern-most tip. It can be busy so try parking at Sennen Cove and walk the half an hour stroll to Land's End by foot for beautiful views. Take a bottle, a rug and some warm clothes.

10. Zanzibar
In the southwest corner of Zanzibar just 55 minutes from the island’s UNESCO World Heritage capital Stone Town, The Residence Zanzibar stretches along a kilometre of stunning coastline flanked by coconut palms and the Indian Ocean, where you can see truly unique sunsets.


11. Santorini, Greece

Santorini (Flickr)

Take a boat trip through the Greek islands to enjoy unspoiled views every night of the setting sun.

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