So THAT's How To Stop Potatoes From Sprouting In Your Cupboard

They’re versatile, they’re the undisputed star of a roast dinner, and they’re even the nation’s favourite vegetable. I’m of course talking about the humble potato. They’re a staple of many of our diets and truly, what would our mealtimes be without their delicious starch?

In fact, the only complaint I personally have about them is that when they’re left for just a little too long, they get those little sprouts and I hate to say it but it gives me the ick. Sorry, potatoes.

However, it turns out that this is actually an avoidable fate and if you store your potatoes in a specific way, you can actually avoid them sprouting for MONTHS. Months!

How to ensure potatoes don’t sprout

So, my go-to for keeping fruit and vegetables fresh is just shoving them in the fridge but it turns out that uh, this is pretty much the exact opposite of what you should do with potatoes.

In fact, according to Love Potatoes (same), we should be storing our potatoes in dry, dark places like kitchen cupboards and in well-ventilated storage like wicker baskets or netted bags, as opposed to airtight plastic containers. According to the potato experts, this will keep them good for months but if you do notice any sprouting, discolouration, or rotting, it’s best just to dispose of them.

Additionally, according to BBC Science Focus Magazine, there’s one extra tip if you want to be certain that your potatoes don’t sprout before you’ve had a chance to cook them: apples! According to the experts at the magazine, “keep potatoes alongside apples, which release ethylene gas as they ripen. Ethylene slows the sprouting process and helps keep spuds fresh for longer.”

This maybe goes some way to explain why French people describe potatoes as ‘earth apples’! 

Love Potatoes add that you shouldn’t wash potatoes before storing them but DO give them a good rinse just before cooking them.

I know what I’m having for dinner tonight.