That's Roar-Some! Designers Create New Phone Containing Fragment Of T-Rex Tooth

That's Roar-Some! Designers create new phone containing fragment of T-Rex tooth. This phone case contains a tooth from a T-Rex dinosaur. Created by Russian luxury phone customisation firm Caviar, the 'Tyrannophone' contains an insert from a fragment of a real, 80-million-year-old Tyrannosaurus tooth. Part of the Tera series, the phone is based on the Iphone 13 series and contains real amber, titanium, and 24-Karat gold. The original tooth features in one of the sculptured tooth on the case, the firm will release a total of 7 Tyrannophone models, as per tradition, Caviar is making the Tyrannophone a limited-edition offering. Only seven such monstrous Iphones will be made, with prices set at $8,610 for the Iphone 13 pro-ased model and $9,150 for the Pro Max One, both offered in the 1 TB storage option.

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