Thai twins, aged 5, get 'married' because parents believe they were 'lovers in a past life'

Staff writer

This is the bizarre moment a pair of five-year-old twins were married because their parents believed that they were lovers in a past life.

Thanakorn Puangthong and his sister Thanyaporn "wed" in a lavish ceremony Chaiyaphum, northeastern Thailand.

Buddhists believe that romantic soulmates who cannot be together in this life - such as an untimely death or a secret affair in which one person can't leave their partner - will be re-born in their next incarnation as male and female twins.

The pair can be together from the first day of their new lives. However, to overcome the fate of karma, or unfinished business, superstitious locals believe that twins should be married.

The twin's father Tossapol Puangthong, 37, and their mother Wanwisa, 37, arranged the colourful ceremony attended by more than 100 friends and relatives and the local news reporters.

"It's a traditional belief"

Footage shows the twins wearing beautiful traditional costumes before exchanging vows - with the young lad even placing a ring on his sister's finger.

Delighted father Tossapol, said: "It's a traditional belief that twins loved each other in a past life but something prevented them from being together.

"Destiny and karma brought them together again, making them to reborn as twins so they can be together from the first day of their new lives.

"According to our belief, the only way to dispel that bond from the past life is for them to be married. Unless that's done, they could both suffer bad luck in the future and be unable to live their own lives separately.''

The twins' mother, Wanwisa, said that there were several times when one of the children was sick and the other one always coincidentally unwell at the same time.

She said that it was a sign that her children had a cosmic bond from a past life.

"Recently the boy suffered from a seizure and bled from his nose. Then his sister was also suddenly sick hours later. I realised that unless they were married as quickly as possible, there would be more problems like this", Wanwisa said.

The neighbours of the family came to bless the twins and some of them picked their house number to be their lucky number in the upcoming lottery draw.