The Texas Roadhouse Hack You Need To Know For Cheaper Salads

Texas Roadhouse salad on plate
Texas Roadhouse salad on plate - Facebook

TikTok has no shortage of restaurant hacks available for those looking to try secret menu items, save a bit of money, or just try something new at their favorite establishments. One such hack which comes courtesy of a Texas Roadhouse employee on the video-sharing platform, allows patrons of the steakhouse chain to get a smaller salad portion at a cheaper price.

According to the TikToker, many Texas Roadhouse patrons are unable to finish their large entree salads, as they come in giant bowls that leave them so stuffed there's no room for dessert. To remedy this, simply order a kid's meal protein of your choice, and ask for it to come with a kid's salad. Adding a salad to your kid's meal does cost a small ancillary charge, but it saves exponentially more money than you'd be spending on a full-sized dinner salad, allowing you the opportunity to finish your meal and have room left over to split a cheesecake with your dining partner.

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Will This Hack Work At Your Local Texas Roadhouse Location?

Texas Roadhouse
Texas Roadhouse - Jetcityimage/Getty Images

Despite the ringing endorsement, many TikTokers took to the comments section to discredit the hack for a variety of reasons. Some commenters speculated that they wouldn't mind having the extra serving of salad to take home for the following day. However, salad loses freshness after several hours of exposure to air and moisture, such as that found in dressing.

By far, the biggest question from commenters regarded whether or not an adult would be permitted to purchase a kid's meal at their local Texas Roadhouse. While there seems to be no blanket policy regarding the chain's stance on ordering off the children's menu, the rules seem to be at the discretion of the individual Texas Roadhouse establishment.

One commenter found a surefire way around this roadblock, stating, "I order on the app lol," in response to a TikToker concerned that their server would veto their menu choice, though there seems to be no 100% perfect method to pull this hack off. Still, for those looking to save some money (and room for dessert), the hack is worth attempting.

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