Texas Man Can't Believe His Eyes as Daughter Gifts Him Glasses for Colorblindness

A dad in Houston, Texas, received a life-changing gift from his daughter on Father’s Day: a pair of glasses that allowed him to fully see color for the first time.

Footage posted to Twitter by Mariah Casarez on June 22 shows her father, Antonio Casarez, unwrapping his gift and trying on the new glasses. He is moved to tears by the experience.

Speaking to Storyful, Casarez said her father has been red/green colorblind for his whole life and was unable to see bright colors until he received the glasses. Writing on Twitter, Casarez said, “Since I can remember he’s talked about wanting glasses that help the colorblind” but they’ve always been very expensive.

Her father “absolutely loves” his new glasses and has worn them every day since he got them, Casarez said. Credit: Mariah Casarez via Storyful