How to master dry body brushing (something we should all be doing, apparently)

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How to master the dry body brush according to a skincare expert [Photo: Getty]

Who knew that a dry body brush could garner so much attention from beauty writers and skincare experts alike?

The simple wooden tool (that looks surprisingly outdated) has been worshipped by the millennial set in recent months, as a result of its promise to dodge multiple health and beauty obstacles.

From reducing stubborn cellulite to boosting poor circulation, the benefits are virtually unparalleled meaning no bathroom is complete without a dry body brush (so the Insta-pack claims).

And with A-list fans including self-confessed beauty guru Gwyneth Paltrow, we decided it was time to see what all the fuss is about.

Thankfully, skincare expert and superfacialist Vaishaly was on hand to give us the lowdown on the most hyped beauty item of the year.

What should we look for when purchasing a dry body brush?

Vaishaly recommends keeping an eye out for ‘strong natural bristles’ which are ‘not too harsh and not too gentle’.

So we scoured the high street for the best dry skin brushes on offer. Look no further than The Organic Pharmacy’s most sought-after skin brush (before it sells out again) and the Aromatherapy Associates polishing body brush.

And for those looking for a more high-tech gadget, you need to try out Karmameju’s ionic body brush. Complete with copper bristles, the tool forms negative ions on the skin’s surface through natural friction.

These then speed up the transportation of oxygen to our cells helping to detoxify the blood and increase the resistance of our skin. Daily use of the brush will help to balance the electromagnetic energies in the body and will in turn, eliminate any build up of unwanted toxins.

How often should we practice dry body brushing?

It’s recommended that you dry brush your body once or twice a day before getting in the shower, as this will rinse away any dead skin cells.

Dry body brushing on a morning before work will stimulate blood flow and boost circulation which will in turn help to energise the mind.

It’s recommended that you dry body brush before showering [Photo: Getty]

What are the benefits of using a dry body brush?

How much time do you have? Dry skin body brushing is rumoured to have a breadth of health and beauty benefits hence its rise in popularity.

But is there any truth in the raving reviews?

Vaishaly thinks so, as she told Yahoo Style UK: “Body brushing stimulates circulation that in turn helps to reduce cellulite, promote detoxification and even increase muscle tone.”

And upon further investigation, we discovered that the body brush is capable of speeding up the process of moving lymph fluid into the lymph nodes which in turn boosts circulation. This detox will also help to reduce the appearance of varicose veins and skin discolouration.

Is there a specific body brushing technique we should adopt?

Vaishaly told us: “Remember to always brush upwards towards the heart. Begin with your feet and brush vigorously in circular motions. Then continue brushing up your legs in long strokes, proceed to your hands and arms.”

She continued, “When you get to the abdomen area use circular counter-clockwise strokes. Lightly brush the breasts, then move to your back, shoulders and neck. These parts can be tricky to get to so just do your best or better yet have a spouse or friend to brush your back.”

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