Tess Daly: I can’t wait to be reunited with my Strictly BFF!

Guest writer Tess Daly on the first Live Strictly show and why she can't wait to see Claudia Winkleman.

I love happy Mondays!

Seeing as I'm still recovering from the weekend’s Strictly marathon of Friday and Saturday’s live shows I’ve decided that Monday is the new Sunday – i.e. a well earned day of rest!

Well… sort of (school runs, general mum duties and chatting to you aside of course).

The girls were the big news stars of the weekend with Abbey Clancy, Natalie Gumede and Susanna Reid scoring highly. Hairy Biker Dave Myers won hearts with his first steps on the dancefloor and a jaw dropping tribute to Mick Jagger that was pure telly gold!

Of course THIS weekend the competition really hots up as our first celebrity will be voted off the show. It's the cruellest cut as no one wants to be the first to go.

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However, unlike the rather nervous celebs, I can't wait for Sunday’s results show since I'll be reunited with my Strictly BFF - the wonderful Claudia Winkleman who's an absolute hoot to work with.

Plus, at our new Elstree studio we're dressing room neighbours with a connecting door so I'm looking forward to LOTS of laughs and enjoying our many shared passions of parenting (she has three adorable children), shoes (what's not to love?!), chocolate (she will no doubt be helping herself to my stash) and of course Strictly to name but a few!

As if the weekend wasn't hectic enough, in a moment of weakness I agreed to host a sleepover at our house, which of course meant a VERY late night. All sorts of fun transpired. We had "princess and pirate” dress up, apple bobbing and the all-important midnight feast consisting of the usual naughty treats. I did manage to add in some fresh fruit and popcorn to keep things a little healthier! ;)

I confess. I do actually really enjoy a sleepover. I love seeing the girls having fun with their friends and it’s a great excuse to relive my own childhood! ‘Hide and Seek’ with the lights off anyone? Or ‘Bears in the Dark’ as we used to call it! (SUCH fun!)

As we settle into the new school routine, this Wednesday sees Amber's first swimming lesson. I’m not sure she's overly keen on the idea. I'm not sure I blame her. I remember the days of shivering in sub-zero pools, wet hair dripping down my school shirt afterwards and sniffing for the next week all too well - here's hoping she fares better!

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This week also sees Phoebe start her new dance class. She’s super-keen and has been busy shifting the furniture around in the living room to practice!

After school tomorrow we're looking forward to spending time together choosing party supplies for her birthday in a couple of weeks time. While I'd been busy congratulating myself on my meticulous party planning including sending out the invites WEEKS ago I completely forgot all about FEEDING the little angels! So we'll be deciding on a party food menu and party bags too. The sad thing is that I actually ENJOY this sort of stuff as much as my 8 year old!

Then on Wednesday I get to see my old showbiz pal Alan Carr. I'm appearing as a guest on his ‘Chatty Man’ show along with a few of the Strictly cast which will no doubt be a giggle.

The latter part of my week will be spent at the Strictly studio. In the lead up to Saturday’s live show I'm kept busy with script readings, screenings (of the couples in training), voice-overs and rehearsals.

Following all that dancing I'm rather looking forward to Sunday which will hopefully involve a trip to the cinema. The girls want to see ‘Despicable Me 2’ which means (hurrah!) I get almost two whole hours just sitting still... aaaaaand RELAX... (until next week)

Love Tess xxx

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