Tesla in the spotlight, Tyson shares up, Starbucks on the move

Let’s check out the Yahoo Finance charts of the day.

Tesla (TSLA): Shares are up in early trade, around 1.2%.  In an SEC filing, the automaker said that it’s continually evaluating its capital needs and may raise additional capital in the future to find the growth of its business.

Tyson Foods (TSN): Shares up here, .64%. The beef and poultry producer fell 3 cents a share short of estimates, with adjusted quarterly profit of $1.27 per share. Tyson said it delivered solid results despite challenging market conditions.

Starbucks (SBUX): Shares up here, around .16%.  Nestle will pay the coffee company and coffeehouse chain $7.15 billion for the rights to sell Starbuck’s products around the world.

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