Tesla Mandates Demo of Full Self-Driving Mode to New Customers

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Tesla Mandates FSD Demonstrations to New CustomersMichael Simari - Car and Driver
  • Tesla CEO Elon Musk has reportedly mandated that all new customers receive a demo of the company's Full Self-Driving mode.

  • The directive requires Tesla staff in North America to install and activate the latest FSD software and provide a short test ride.

  • Musk reportedly said that although the procedure will slow down the delivery process, it's a hard requirement.

Everyone who buys a new Tesla model in North America will be required to sit through a demonstration of the company's Full Self-Driving mode. CEO Elon Musk reportedly made the new mandate in a recent email to staff that was leaked online and then confirmed by Business Insider.

In his email, Musk directs Tesla staff to install and activate the latest version of FSD, which still requires the driver to actively pay attention to the road and does not make the vehicle autonomous. Along with the driver-assist functions that come with Tesla's standard Basic Autopilot and the $6000 Enhanced version, FSD—which is listed as $12,000 option on the consumer site—currently enables "autosteer" on city streets as well as traffic light and stop sign control.

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Musk's original mandate further required Tesla staff to give a demo to all new customers, but a follow-up email reportedly also extended the requirement to owners who have their vehicles returned from a service center. There are no details about what's involved in the demonstrations other than that they're a "short test ride."

In his first reported email, Musk wrote, "Almost no one actually realizes how well (supervised) FSD actually works." He also acknowledged that the procedure will slow down the delivery process but notes that it's a hard requirement.

Musk yesterday posted on the social media sit X, formerly known as Twitter, that all Tesla models that have Full Self-Driving capability will have access this week to a free one-month trial.

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