Tesco Is Selling Breadcrumb Coated Hot Cheese Cake Bites

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Salted caramel is one thing, and cheesecake is another. But together? They're unstoppable. Especially if they're in bite-size form. Which brings us swiftly onto our latest discovery...

Introducing Tesco's salted caramel cheesecake bites!

Spotted online via Snack Reviews on Facebook and then shared onto Money Saver, the treats are described as "cheesecake style bites in breadcrumbs with a salted caramel sauce filling."

First posted by Snack Reviews member, Gemma Riddle, their original post has racked up more than 500 likes, along with thousands of comments.

Although, there has been some controversy over the breadcrumb coating. One Facebook user commented, "these look savoury #confused." While another tagged a friend and said, "not sure about these... but knowing us."

The only thing that's got us wondering is... cheesecake, warmed up? Yep! The bites are cooked from frozen in 16 minutes, and they're meant to taste delicious hot.

Hot or cold, we're desperate to give these treats a go.

And who wouldn't? Cream cheese and sponge cake with a salted caramel centre, coated in breadcrumbs and finished with a white confetti sprinkle, these bad boys sound addictive, to say the least (we're willing to forgive the breadcrumb coating).

You can get your sticky hands on these cheesecake bites in Tesco stores now for just £2.

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Spotted on @newfoodsuk’s Instagram, this Nutella s’mores kit is the stuff of dreams. Costing just £3 a kit, you’ll get eight s’mores to share with friends/keep all to yourself. Each kit contains Nutella, marshmallows and sweet crackers. Yum!

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