The terrifying bomb scare nobody remembers from Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding day

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Today (29 April) marks 10 years since Prince William and Kate Middleton got married in a grand ceremony at Westminster Abbey, watched by 17.6 million people in the UK and 2 billion worldwide.

Clearly, lots of well-wishers have fond memories of the day, from Kate’s stunning dress to the celebratory mood of the crowd who gathered in London to catch a glimpse of the royal wedding procession. But one element that’s less remembered is that a bomb scare threatened proceedings, and was stealthily dealt with by police while Kate prepared to leave the hotel where she was getting ready.

Speaking on ITV documentary The Day Will and Kate Got Married, Bob Broadhurst, the Metropolitan Police Gold Commander at the time, opened up about the incident that he and his team investigated. He explained how concerns were heightened in the lead-up to the important royal occasion.

"My fear is there's some sort of 'Guy Fawkes-ean' plot going on behind closed doors to actually potentially put a bomb somewhere," Bob said, revealing the Met were on high alert for an “odd individual” or “fixated people who for whatever reason are obsessed with the Royal Family.”

Police put a secure zone in place around The Goring hotel in Belgravia where Kate had stayed the night before her nuptials, to stop unauthorised vehicles and people from potentially disrupting the careful wedding plans, but 20 minutes before the royal bride was due to leave, officers received word that a woman was driving an unidentified vehicle into the secure area.

Photo credit: Danny Martindale - Getty Images
Photo credit: Danny Martindale - Getty Images

"I don't know how it happened and I don't really want to know how it happened [on] this day, but somebody in a car got through the secure zone, drove up close to The Goring, just around the corner, got out of the car and legged it. And joined the crowd,” Bob recalled.

Of course, there were severe concerns about the woman in question and whether Kate would make it to the church on time.

"Now we have a real problem. This is a potential bomb in the car. It's so close to the entrance and exit to The Goring, that we might not be able to get Kate and her party out on time. It was 15, 20 minutes before her due departure time. You could cut the silence with a knife as we tried to solve the issue,” Bob said.

He added that he and his officers considered changing their plan of action but didn’t want Kate to be late for her highly-anticipated wedding.

Thankfully, officers quickly established there was no bomb in the car.

Photo credit: Paul Hackett - Getty Images
Photo credit: Paul Hackett - Getty Images

"Our explosions officers had turned up, it wasn't a bomb, so we were not only able to downgrade the threat, but also stick to plan A. Let's go for it and get [Kate] out,” Bob remembered, adding: “I think that poor individual, whoever it was, maybe a tourist, came back to find their car with no doors or windows and a parking ticket."

It’s a royal wedding story that’s scary to look back on, but happily, the day went perfectly and now, 10 years on, royal fans can enjoy celebrating a decade of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

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