The Terminator T-1000 Is Real! Scientists Create Man- Shaped Robot That Can Escape By Turning To Liquid

Fans of The Terminator movies found themselves on the edge of their seats when watching the unstoppable T-1000 robot in Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Particularly thrilling was the way it could overcome any obstacle by turning to liquid then reforming as a solid. This robotic feat is now a reality - as scientists from The Chinese University of Hong Kong have created a man-shaped robot that can do the same. It is seen here in video footage ‘escaping’ a jail by turning to liquid, slipping through the bars of its prison and then reforming outside. Inspired by sea cucumbers, the miniature robots rapidly and reversibly shift between liquid and solid states. On top of being able to shape-shift, the robots are magnetic and can conduct electricity. The scientists also put the robots through an obstacle course of mobility and shape-morphing tests. In addition to impressing film fans, the Chinese University of Hong Kong scientists hope their research will pave the way for similar bots that can deliver drugs and remove foreign bodies from people’s systems.