Teresa Giudice, 50, says 'working out every day' makes her feel sexy: 'I like to keep my body nice and tight and in shape'

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Teresa Giudice of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is unapologetic about finding love again.

The reality star, who just turned 50 this year, is newly married to Digital Media Solutions founder Luis Ruelas — and she’s happy to be in a “love bubble” with her second husband.

“What makes Luis sexy to me? There's a lots of things,” the Bravo icon, who shares four children with her ex-husband Joe Giudice, tells Yahoo Life. “It’s the way he looks, his brains, his body, his heart. The way he treats my children, the way he treats me. The way he treats his family, the way he treats his sisters. He's pretty amazing.”

When it comes to what makes herself feel sexy, Giudice highlights exercise.

“Working out is a big one,” the TV star shares. “I did the bikini competition, I just did Dancing With the Stars… If I gain weight, it goes straight to my ass — which I guess is a good thing, because Luis says he likes my ass, so I guess that’s a good thing. But I always try to stay in shape. I’m very conscious of my body.”

While many stars of The Real Housewives franchise have been open about plastic surgery and other cosmetic enhancements, Giudice says she’s only had two things done: her breasts and her nose.

“My beauty trick is to always moisturize your face. That's really important,” she says. “And be confident in who you are.”

There's also a reason she'll always have pineapple in her fridge, as she previously spoke about on her reality show.

"Someone told me that pineapple, you know, makes your taste really good," she says with a laugh. "So one of my favorite fruits is pineapple … If you come to my house, you'll always find pineapple in my refrigerator."

Giudice’s 50th birthday came with a celebratory friend vacation in Playa del Carmen, organized by her new spouse. However, Giudice admits she initially “didn’t want to advertise” the big milestone. It was Andy Cohen who convinced her she should lean into her age.

“He said, ‘You need to embrace it, girl, you look amazing’” Giudice recalls the Bravo host telling her. “So I was like, ‘Alright.’ So now, I’m embracing it.”

When it comes to her TV persona, Giudice — who hosts the Namaste B$tches podcast with nutritionist Melissa Pfeister — says that she’s not quite as dramatic in real life as on TV.

“It’s Real Housewives of New Jersey, it’s all drama, drama, drama — and I’m the OG,” she says. “Everybody wants to come after the OG, right? They feel like if they come after the OG, they get relevance.”

If you want to learn about the real Giudice, she teases that fans should check out the podcast.

“I wake up happy. Really, in my real life, there’s no drama,” she says. “I’m all about just enjoying life, living every day like it’s your last. And that’s what I’m unapologetic for.”

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