Tequila Is The Boozy Addition That Will Transform Canned Fruit Salad

canned fruit salad in bowl
canned fruit salad in bowl - Dndavis/Getty Images

Fruit salad pops up everywhere from brunch tables to dessert buffets. Combining an assortment of fresh fruit makes for a uniquely delicious mix, no matter which fruit you choose. Canned fruit salad, at times, is a harder sell, but that doesn't mean it can't stand out just as much as the freshly prepared version. If you have canned fruit salad on hand, you can transform it into a unique dish with just a little splash of tequila.

While it may seem like an unexpected twist, combining fruit with tequila is a flavor pairing that has proven successful in many other formats. One obvious example is the union of tequila with citrus in drinks such as the margarita and the Paloma. But the spirit's naturally sweeter flavor profile in comparison to other drinks means it plays well with almost any combination of fruit. The addition of tequila to fruit salad benefits the dish by balancing out any overwhelming sugariness and by adding some exciting complexity thanks to the layered flavor profile of the liquor.

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How To Add Tequila To Your Fruit Salad

simple syrup in a bottle
simple syrup in a bottle - Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

In order to successfully introduce tequila into your fruit salad, it is best to incorporate it into a syrup. This way the flavors will coat and stick to the fruit rather than draining into the bottom of the bowl. Depending on your preferences, you can either make a tequila-infused simple syrup from scratch — just add a splash or two to our no-fuss simple syrup recipe — or stir the tequila into the cocktail syrup that comes along with the canned fruit. Once combined, pour the syrup over the fruit, toss lightly, and enjoy. Note that since little to no heat is being applied to the syrup before serving, this fruit salad will have a slight alcohol content.

There are many variations you can make to this fruit salad, from switching up your tequila selection to adding additional flavors to the simple syrup. Blanco tequila is the most familiar tequila on the market and is a great starting point with its bright notes. You can choose a reposado or añejo for a slightly sweeter and smoother taste, or a moody mezcal for a hint of smoke. To get even more creative, try throwing in some chili powder and lime to embrace the cocktail-reminiscent lean of this dish. For the most daring, tequila is also known to pair well with chocolate, so maybe it's time to experiment by drizzling chocolate sauce alongside your tequila syrup for a boozy dessert that everyone will remember.

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