Tensions rise between Phoenix Gulzar-Brown and Chelcee Grimes in The Games

Two of the celebrity contestants in ITV's The Games ended up in a row over cheating.

Video transcript

PHOENIX GULZAR-BROWN: So they're saying they want to recheck it because they're saying Chelcee came third and I didn't. That's bullcrap. I busted my ass on that.

- What's happened?

- I think it's contained.

PHOENIX GULZAR-BROWN: She pushed me yesterday.

CHELCEE GRIMES: I love the girl but I'm not getting robbed like that.

PHOENIX GULZAR-BROWN: I played fair! You didn't play fair yesterday, man.

CHELCEE GRIMES: Oh, you're bringing that in?

PHOENIX GULZAR-BROWN: No, that's fair play! If you're gonna recheck this then recheck yesterday!

CHELCEE GRIMES: What happened?

PHOENIX GULZAR-BROWN: What do you mean? You gave me a shove!


- Oh! I'm going home.

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