Teen rages after paying £130 for ‘abomination’ birthday cake

The ‘abomination’ cake (Facebook)
The ‘abomination’ cake (Facebook)

A young British woman has taken to Facebook to vent her frustration after ordering herself an 18th birthday cake from a professional baker at a cost of £130 and receiving an “abomination” in return.

Writing in the group “What I Asked For VS What I Got”, which is dedicated to consumer nightmares and customer service fails, the teen explained that she had become suspicious even before the disappointing end result had arrived when the baker she had commissioned repeatedly asked her to resend a photograph of the kind of dessert she wanted.

“This was a professional baker and I had to send in the inspiration picture three times as they couldn’t remember what I had wanted,” she said.

When the birthday cake finally arrived, intended to be the centrepiece of a party buffet, it was allegedly covered in candle wax, decorated with dead flowers and shonky icing and deemed to be inedible, a far cry from the relatively simple and elegant design submitted.

The complainant said she had “no words” to express her disappointment but reported that she has since received a full refund.

Other members of the group clearly relished the disaster, chipping in with gleeful descriptions of the horror depicted in the accompanying crime scene photographs.

One suggested it looked “like a kids volcano school project”, another wondered if it had been “baked in 1982” and others speculated that it might be made of Play-Doh or even “chewed bubblegum”.

The ‘abomination’ birthday cake (Facebook)
The ‘abomination’ birthday cake (Facebook)

“She definitely dropped the cake, picked it up and gave it to you,” one commentator said.

“There’s no way the baker looked at this and said ‘this is fine’,” said another, evidently aghast.