Teen clashes with mom after announcing her engagement: ‘Selfish and controlling’

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A husband told his wife it’s her fault that she wasn’t invited to her own daughter’s wedding. 

Now he wants to know if it was a mistake. He took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to explain what happened. When he married his wife, he noticed her daughter was dealing with emotional issues from her parent’s divorce. He helped her get through the trauma and it brought them closer. But when the 19-year-old stepdaughter announced she was going to get married, it drove a wedge in the family. 

“She told me and her mom that she was going to get married to her boyfriend who she knew from high school. Her mom got mad at her for wanting to get married at this age and while in college,” the husband wrote. “She lashed out at her daughter telling her to drop it but my stepdaughter called her selfish and controlling and that she shouldn’t try to enforce her opinions on her and decide when she should get married. Her mom gave her an ultimatum and said she’d disown her if she went through with her decision. My stepdaughter stopped talking to her ever since and my wife said that from now on she doesn’t have a daughter.”

He stayed in contact with his stepdaughter, who eventually invited him to her wedding. 

“My stepdaughter sent me a wedding invitation,” the user wrote. “I gotta say I felt a little hesitant thinking about my wife’s reaction but my stepdaughter told me she felt hurt and alone as her wedding approaches when she is supposed to be happy and excited. She even cried when she spoke with me on the phone last week. My wife found out and lashed out at me. […]I flat out told my wife she should’ve handled the situation better instead of driving her daughter away.” 

Reddit users believed the father made the right choice. 

“I think you did the right thing,” a person said

“You are correct and you need to go to that wedding,” someone commented

” Go and support your stepdaughter,” one user wrote

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