Teddi Mellencamp says ‘let’s normalise' cellulite after a troll shamed hers: ‘I am proud of it’

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Photo credit: Presley Ann - Getty Images
Photo credit: Presley Ann - Getty Images

Teddi Mellencamp is going to wear whatever she wants, despite what body shamers say. And she encourages others to do the same. The former Real Housewives star is defending her MTV Awards outfit choice after trolls criticised her for showing off her cellulite.

Before the awards, which took place on June 5, Mellencamp conducted an outfit poll on Instagram, asking followers to help her choose between a pink fringed minidress or an oversized purple blazer and shorts. Dozens of commenters chose the pink number, which is what the 40-year-old ultimately went with. And she looked amazing.

After the ceremony, though, people flooded Mellencamp with messages condemning her outfit choice because it showed 'cellulite' on the backs of her thighs. In response, the reality star shared a red carpet photo taken from behind, her legs on full display.

'For anyone messaging me that I shouldn’t have worn this dress to @mtvawards because you can see my cellulite. Guess what?! I am proud of it and most of us have it,' she wrote. 'Let’s normalise the reality. I work hard for my mental and physical body to feel good.'

She ended the response on a funny note, addressing those who compared the outfit to a Dancing With the Stars costume: 'For those messaging that the outfit looks like I am auditioning for DWTS - you aren’t wrong. It does 🤣🤣🤣 💃🏼,' she wrote.

Mellencamp received an outpouring of love and support for her transparency. 'You look bomb. Period,' one person commented. 'Proud of you for standing up!! 🙌🙆🏼♀️💖💕💝,' another added. 'You look so good and I have cellulite. Thank you for being you!' someone else wrote.

The nutrition and wellness coach is passionate about being honest with her followers, from talking about cellulite to sharing her recent decision to get a neck lift. 'I got to the point I was like angling myself in certain directions and it became something I didn’t want to deal with anymore,' she told Extra in May. 'I was like, "I work really hard to feel confident, and this is a little thing that I can do and I want to be honest with the people that follow me and give them the good, the bad, and the ugly."'

On Instagram, she responded to the influx of followers who criticised her decision to get the procedure. 'I am being transparent with my journey,' she said, per People. 'Would you prefer I lie and pretend the loose skin on my neck disappeared? That’s not who I am. You want to only follow people that show themselves through a filtered version of themselves then I am not the person to follow.'

Refreshing perspective, isn’t it?

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