Tearful dad ‘can’t hide his emotions’ watching his daughters play

A father was overcome with emotions from just watching his daughters play.

His wife, Ingrid Torgerson, uploaded a clip of the touching moment on TikTok. When the family was spending time together, Torgerson’s husband couldn’t help but get emotional. The sight of his two girls getting along was just too much.

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“When your husband cries uncontrollably at your girls being sisters,” the video caption read.

The couple was sitting on the sofa watching their two daughters play. The little girls appeared to be working on a dance routine together. Meanwhile, the father was blissfully tearing up as he watched the girls develop their bond with one another.

Torgerson: “You’re bawling, aren’t you?”

Husband: “I’m sorry, it’s so cute.”

Torgerson: “It’s your babies, huh? Look at me!”

Husband: “Look at them! They’re sisters; it’s so cute.”

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“My husband can’t hide his emotions,” she added in the caption.

People praised the father for his openness with his affections.

“This man must be protected at all costs! What a great daddy!” a person said.

“OMG, that is the sweetest. Reminds me of my tough guy,” another wrote.

“This is the sweetest thing I’ve seen in such a long time,” a user commented.

“So sweet. I get this! I tear up watching the relationship between my two boys develop. It’s one of the coolest parts of being a parent!” someone added.

“A loving dad who can express healthy emotions. LOVE TO SEE IT!” a TikToker replied.

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