Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour Concert Film: Everything to Know

From the film's runtime to its streaming release date, here's everything to know about Swift's theatrical event

<p>Mat Hayward/TAS23/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management</p> Taylor Swift performs in Seattle in July 2023

Mat Hayward/TAS23/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

Taylor Swift performs in Seattle in July 2023

If you haven't seen Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour — or simply want to relive the experience — a film version of the concert was released to capture Swift's career-spanning show in all of its glory.

In the midst of the tour, which launched March 13, 2023 and continues through Dec. 8, 2024, the Grammy-winning superstar's Taylor Swift The Eras Tour concert film was announced, and Swifties instantly scrambled for tickets.

Thousands of AMC Theatres and other participating cinemas across the globe screened the filmed performance throughout fall 2023, and attendees brought the energy from the live show to the movie theater — going all out by wearing the same looks they wore to the stadium. "Eras attire, friendship bracelets, singing and dancing encouraged," posted Swift, 33, on social media when she announced the film in late August.

"The Eras Tour has been the most meaningful, electric experience of my life so far and I’m overjoyed to tell you that it’ll be coming to the big screen soon," wrote the "All Too Well" singer-songwriter.

From the film's run time to its streaming release date and more, keep reading for everything to know about Taylor Swift The Eras Tour concert film.

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When did Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour concert film premiere in theaters?

The concert film arrived in theaters across the globe on Oct. 13 — a nod to the pop icon's lucky number, no less. While the theatrical event was originally supposed to only hit cinemas in North American on the date, with dates in other countries to follow, in late September the hitmaker announced that Oct. 13 would officially be the worldwide release date.

“The tour isn’t the only thing we’re taking worldwide…….. 🌎,” Swift wrote on Instagram announcing the news at the time. “Been so excited to tell you all that The Eras Tour concert film is now officially coming to theaters WORLDWIDE on Oct 13!”

The Grammy winner also surprised fans at the film's premiere event held at The Grove's AMC theater in Los Angeles on Oct. 11 when she revealed that there would be special early screenings on Oct. 12 at select cinemas in the U.S. and Canada.

Advanced tickets to the "theatrical concert experience" were originally offered by AMC Theatres, which began by showing the movie four times a day on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, while other participating cinemas followed with their own schedules.

<p>Scott Eisen/TAS23/Getty</p> Taylor Swift

Scott Eisen/TAS23/Getty

Taylor Swift

How much did tickets for Taylor Swift The Eras Tour concert film cost?

Tickets for the film cost $19.89 (plus tax) for adults and $13.13 (plus tax) for kids and seniors on all screens.

The theatrical concert experience was also available on premium large format screens at AMC, including IMAX and Dolby Cinema, for an additional charge.

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Where can fans purchase tickets to see Taylor Swift The Eras Tour concert film in theaters?

Taylor Swift The Eras Tour remains showing in select theaters and anyone who still wants to see it on the big screen can head to AMC Theatres' website to purchase tickets.

When tickets first became available, the demand was extremely high and broke records. At the time, AMC Theatres revealed it had increased its ticket server capacity to handle over five times more traffic than “the current record for the most ever tickets sold in an hour.”

<p>Kevin Winter/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management</p> Taylor Swift

Kevin Winter/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

Taylor Swift

Where was Taylor Swift The Eras Tour concert film screened?

Swift's theatrical event was shown at every AMC Theatres location throughout the United States — and there are approximately 950, according to the company's website. However, some theaters showed the concert film on multiple screens, so fans can choose from thousands of options to attend.

Upon its release, the project directed by Sam Wrench was also shown at additional multiplex chains and independent cinemas, as well.

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How long is Taylor Swift The Eras Tour concert film's runtime?

The version of the concert movie released to theaters ran at 2 hours and 45 minutes — which is not as long as the actual Eras Tour, which runs for more than 3 hours and 15 minutes. Condensed transitions and song introductions contributed to the shortened run time, as did the exclusion of several songs on the setlist.

As the documentary was filmed during the first three nights of her six-night stop in Los Angeles, when compared to the setlist at the shows, the tracks that didn't make the cut into the film are: "No Body, No Crime" with Haim, "Long Live," "Wildest Dreams,” The Archer" and "Cardigan."

Although some footage was cut from the theatrical release, fans will be able to watch even more material at home. When the "Cruel Summer" singer announced the on-demand release date for Taylor Swift The Eras Tour, she revealed that "The Archer," "Long Live" and "Wildest Dreams" will be added back in, seemingly elongating the run time by about 15 minutes.

<p>Hector Vivas/TAS23/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management</p> Taylor Swift

Hector Vivas/TAS23/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

Taylor Swift

Was merchandise available for Taylor Swift The Eras Tour concert film?

Ticket holders for the concert film at AMC Theatres received a free mini poster of Swift performing on stage alongside the Eras Tour logo. Additionally, special Eras Tour popcorn tubs and collectible cups were available for purchase of either a large popcorn or large fountain drink, respectively, at AMC Theatres while supplies lasted. The popcorn and tub cost $14.99 (plus tax), and the collectible cup and large fountain drink cost $11.99 (plus tax).

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When will Taylor Swift The Eras Tour concert film be available on streaming services?

The concert film will officially become available to rent on demand in the U.S. and Canada on Dec. 13 — none other than Swift’s birthday. The singer-songwriter announced the rental release date in late November so fans could join in on her birthday celebrations the following month.

On Instagram she shared, “Well, so, basically I have a birthday coming up and I was thinking a fun way to celebrate the year we’ve had together would be to make The Eras Tour Concert Film available for you to watch at home!”

The hitmaker also revealed that the songs that were cut from the theatrical release of the film for its runtime, including “The Archer,” “Long Live” and “Wildest Dreams,” will be included in the on-demand version.

While Swift revealed that the rental will become available in additional countries soon, it’s yet to be announced when (or if) the film will hit streaming services. In the past, she’s previously released films for The 1989 World Tour on Apple Music, as well as the Reputation Stadium Tour on Netflix. The Miss Americana documentary was also released on Netflix. 

How did Taylor Swift The Eras Tour perform at the box office?

The Midnights artist ended up breaking records with the release of her Eras Tour concert film. Even before the movie arrived in theaters, due to advanced ticket sales, it became the biggest concert film debut of all time. By earning $92.8 domestically during its opening weekend, it shattered records and beat out Justin Bieber's Never Say Never concert film, which grossed $73 million total over the course of its 2011 domestic run.

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