Taylor Swift's New Balayage Shag And Blunt Fringe Are So Beaut

Kate Pasola
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Photo credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin - Getty Images
Photo credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin - Getty Images

When Taylor Swift burst back into the public imagination last year with the surprise release of album Folklore in the summer of 2020, she accompanied her re-emergence with a line-up of absolutely gorgeous hairstyles, including but not limited to a curly fringe, poker-straight 00s hair, cowgirl braids and even dreamy wedding hair.

And now, following a second album (Evermore) PLUS a re-release project called Fearless (Taylor's Version), Taylor's done it again with a new look that I'm absolutely obsessed with.

Taylor's stuck with the texture, but seems to be exploring warmer tones with a strawberry-blonde balayage effect, woven into a wavy shag with a heavy, blunt fringe.

She debuted the look in an interview with People TV, where she discussed the meticulous way she went through the songs on her record Fearless in order to decide what elements to rerecord, improve upon and tweak. She told People TV:

'We just kind of took all the knowledge that we've acquired over decades of playing this music and applied that to it," she adds. "But yeah, I did go in line by line and listen to every single vocal and think, you know, what are my inflections here. If I can improve upon it, I did. But I really did want this to be very true to what I initially thought of and what I had initially written. But better. Obviously.'

Taylor also released a track called Mr. Perfectly Fine, which was rumoured to be about her breakup with Joe Jonas - and his new partner Sophie Turner had a hilarious reaction, posting her support for the song on Instagram and commenting that it's "not NOT a bop.”

Anyway - we'd like to take this moment to thank Taylor for her ongoing contributions to our playlists and our hair inspiration mood-boards. It's basically a public service at this point.

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