Taylor Swift responds to question about who 'All Too Well' is about

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Is it 2012 again? Because Taylor Swift's 'All Too Well' is making headlines again, as fans continue to speculate about who inspired the song's lyrics. 

The single from Red was first released in 2012, but after Scooter Braun acquired the singer's full back catalogue of music, she decided to re-record and release all of her songs. Part of this includes a 10-minute version of 'All Too Well' with revised lyrics and a new 15-minute long video, featuring Stranger Things star Sadie Sink and Teen Wolf's Dylan O'Brien.

The song tells the story of a relationship and the break up that followed, and fans have been speculating that it's about Jake Gyllenhaal thanks to the timing of its initial release - just after the pair had split. 

So, what happened when Taylor was asked whether the song is about someone in particular? "You know what, that's one of the interesting questions that people ask me all the time about songs," she told Extra. "And what I think is important to note is that these songs were mine years ago when they were written, and now they're ours.

"Now they're shared. They're carolling that song our there. Every person out there might have someone in mind when they hear the song and that's what I want," she added.

Dylan O'Brien, who stars in the 'All Too Well' video, was also asked about the Jake Gyllenhaal comparisons and whether he inspired the character. "Oh no, I don't think so," he responded. "My character's name is Brandon. So that's all I know about it."

So there you go.

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