Taylor Swift is a force of nature, says Don McLean

Don McLean has heaped praise on Taylor Swift credit:Bang Showbiz
Don McLean has heaped praise on Taylor Swift credit:Bang Showbiz

Don McLean has hailed Taylor Swift as a "force of nature".

The 76-year-old star has heaped praise on Taylor, 32, after her ten-minute version of 'All Too Well' overtook his own 'American Pie' as the longest-in-length chart-topper in US history.

He told People magazine: "Taylor takes the whole new form of entertainment to the peak by making these phenomenal videos and records and doing these massive tours that are successful, and so on and so forth.

"It's really good for young people who want to get into this business. You can make it as a singer with a guitar if you figure out what Ed [Sheeran] did. And you can make it as a major rock and roll force of nature, which is what I call Taylor Swift, if you want to do that."

Don also suggested he'd be open to collaborating with Taylor one day.

He said: "Anything is possible, if it's done the right way. I'm always interested in doing anything."

Don is currently preparing to hit the road for his upcoming world tour, which begins in January.

The musician - who will begin his tour in North America - said: "I always felt that any kind of major career thing was sort of like golden handcuffs. It's funny, it's just my nature, I wanted freedom.

"And now I'm enjoying doing work these last six years to embrace this album and these albums and my career, and all the things that have happened is a sort of a final victory lap of some sort."

Don's girlfriend, Paris Dylan, is also looking forward to heading out on tour.

He shared: "My girlfriend and I love to travel, so she's really anxious to get up and get going and so am I. I want to get back to playing and living. This is my way of life. I'm like an old firehouse dog, I don't know anything else."