Taylor Swift fans ‘had panic attacks, vomited and fainted’ during epic delay to concert

Taylor Swift’s fans are said to have had panic attacks, vomited and fainted as they faced a huge delay to her concert.

Swarms of concertgoers showed up to Nashville’s Nissan Stadium on Sunday (07.05.23) for the third night of the 33-year-old singer’s ‘Eras Tour’, but were forced to shelter in place for close to four hours due to severe stormy weather.

One attendee told Page Six about the chaos as they stayed under covered areas of the outdoor stadium: “When we arrived, we were placed into forced shelter around 5.40pm and had to remain there without movement until 9.30.

“Fans were body to body with the rain and wind hitting us from the sides. The rain pooled around our feet as fans took their shoes off.”

The concertgoer added a few “lucky” fans had ponchos, but the outlet said the source added other “were standing so closely together in such chaotic conditions that many people had panic attacks, got sick, threw up and passed out”.

They said: “Fans were getting antsy as they were being shoved into each other and security continuously kept trying to part their way through the masses.”

The source also told Page Six the “only reprieve” was fans “breaking into song together”, adding: “Fans traded bracelets and cried until we were released out to the show without openers.”

A soaked Taylor was praised for finally getting on stage and performing until 2am.

It came after a lightning advisory had been issued an hour before the Grammy winner’s first opening act of the evening, Gracie Abrams, 23, was set to take the stage.

Taylor’s second opener, Phoebe Bridgers, 28, was also unable to perform due to the alert.