A Taylor Swift fan who ate 9 hot dogs at her concert — one for each era — says he 'definitely did not feel great' afterward

  • A Taylor Swift fanatic went viral after eating a hot dog for each "era" at one of her concerts.

  • Patrick Moran filmed himself eating 9 hot dogs in total to celebrate, costing him $52.65.

  • He told Insider he "definitely did not feel great" afterward and that the hot-dog-to-bun ratio was "way off."

A Taylor Swift fan who ate a hot dog at her concert to celebrate each of her eras performed at the show — nine in total — says he "definitely did not feel great" afterward.

Patrick Moran filmed himself eating a hot dog to commemorate each of the nine eras featured in Swift's Eras Tour, which has been selling out stadiums across the country since it began in March.

Moran said he purchased all the hot dogs before Swift's set started, costing him $52.65 in total.

"The first few hot dogs definitely made [the show] better," he said. "Around the 'Folklore' era I'd say my experience was declining, but those are also like slow songs, so I sat for a bit to digest and then she played 'Red' as a secret song so I shot back up."

"People around me [were] confused every time I got a new [hot dog] out," Moran added.

By the time the final era of the show began, Moran said he "was excited to eat the last dog."

His TikTok video from the May 21 show in Foxborough, Massachusetts has been viewed 1.7 million times since he first posted it to the platform on Monday.



@throatgoatnancyreagan it was a struggle to get these down past number 6 but i am nothing if not commited to a bit @Taylor Swift @Taylor Nation @phoebe bridgers @gillettestadium #taylorswift #taylorsversion #taylornation #tstheerastour #swifttok #foxboroughtstheerastour #hotdog #hotdogs #hotdogchallenge #eras #erastour ♬ original sound - throatgoatnancyreagan


Moran told Insider he got the idea for the stunt after he saw a girl on TikTok wondering whether there would be hot dogs for sale at the stadium. But the arena's hot dogs weren't the best, he said: the hot-dog-to-bun ratio was all off.

"I definitely did not feel great," Moran said when asked how he felt afterward. "I feel relatively experienced with hot dog consumption and think if I did it again with regular hot dogs and buns I would feel okay."

"Overall," he said. "A good experience."

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