Taylor Swift’s ‘Bigger Than The Whole Sky’ is being praised by people who have suffered miscarriages

Taylor Swift fans are thanking the singer for seemingly writing about miscarriage in her two new records, Midnights and Midnights (3am Edition).

Midnights was released on Friday 21 October, with the longer, 20-song version dropping just hours later.

Swift announced the longer version of the album on Instagram, writing: “I think of Midnights as a complete concept album, with those 13 songs forming a full picture of the intensities of that mystifying, mad hour.

“However! There were other songs we wrote on our journey to find that magic 13. I’m calling them 3am tracks.”

It’s one of the songs on the long version, “Bigger Than The Whole Sky”, which fans have speculated could reference miscarriage.

Lyrics for the song include: “Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye/You were bigger than the whole sky/You were more than just a short time.

“And I’ve got a lot to pine about/I’ve got a lot to live without/I’m never gonna meet/What could’ve been, would’ve been/What should’ve been you.”

“Why does bigger than the whole sky sound like it’s about a miscarriage. My heart is in pieces on the floor,” one person wrote on Twitter.

Another added: “Taylor Swift once said she wanted people to have a song for every moment of their life. If people who have had a miscarriage can relate to and find comfort in ‘Bigger Than The Whole Sky’, I think that’s really beautiful and powerful.”

A third person, who had recently suffered a miscarriage, wrote: “I had a miscarriage in June. I’m not over it. I’m not OK. I haven’t been able to put it into words but this song has done it for me. Of course it’s subjective but that’s what it means to me.”

Another person said: “If you ever have a loved one suffer a miscarriage and want to understand how they feel, listen to Taylor Swift’s ‘Bigger Than the Whole Sky’. Cannot speak to whether this was her intention, but her lyrics crystallise what I and many others have experienced so eloquently.”

The song is now also being used on video sharing platform TikTok as people share their miscarriage stories.


my heart wasn’t ready for Taylor Swift’s new song… and yet, she put it into words perfectly😔💔 #miscarriage #baby #pregnancyloss #fyp

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One user called Brittany Dawn posted a series of clips together with the song in the background which showed her discovering she was pregnant, telling friends and family, and finally learning of her miscarriage.

She captioned the video: “My heart wasn’t ready for Taylor Swift’s new song… and yet, she put it into words perfectly,”

Swift has not commented on the meaning of the song.

If you have been affected by anything in this article, please call the Miscarriage Association helpline on 01924 200 799.