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Monday 18, November

Your inner homebody takes over today, Taurus. You want nothing more than to be introspective and creative. Your inner artist and even inner child should take over, as the energy is so fun and expressive. Let the more mundane tasks fall to the wayside for the moment if you can. You need to follow your heart.

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Sunday 17, November

With the Moon in Cancer again today, you're all about communicating with sweetness and grace - which isn't that easy to do in the midst of a major Mercury Retrograde. This gives you the edge in conversations and reconciliations. Go ahead and heal those rifts, Taurus.

Saturday 16, November

With the Moon moving through your communication zone today, you want to say everything that you feel - or at least text it to someone that you love and trust. This is the moment to express, not to repress, Taurus - so let it out. Just remember the caveat: Mercury is still retrograde, so some messages could be lost in translation.

Friday 15, November

The Moon is still in Gemini early this morning, giving you some last-minute ambition and perhaps the urge to splurge thanks to the energy in your house of money. But by later this evening, the vibe changes quite a bit. With lunar beams in your house of communication for the next few days, you'll think, talk and text with extra tender loving care.

Thursday 14, November

Your ruling planet is in a hard angle to mystical Neptune today. This can bring a whirlwind of boundary-melting confusion, Taurus, especially for your social life and your close partnerships. You may want to believe something that sounds truly promising, but just be selective about who you spend your time with.

Wednesday 13, November

Mercury is still very much in retrograde, but today he aspects both Neptune and Saturn. Not only that, but the Moon moving through Gemini, Mercury's own sign. This brings murkiness and other challenges to your conversations, calls and texts. Stay on point and don't let anyone meander totally off the subject if you need to get something accomplished.

Tuesday 12, November

The day is TODAY, Taurus - your own personal Full Moon has arrived. This is an annual event, so savour it accordingly. This is the moment you get to review, release and forgive yourself for anything you didn't get to do since your last birthday. This is your ultimate chance to course-correct before 2020 arrives, Ms. Bull.

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