What You Should Know About Getting a Tattoo in the Summer

Summer is often looked at by many people as the best time of year to get a new tattoo - there's something about wearing less clothing that seems to inspire people to get body art. But we've also heard contradictory reports that getting a tattoo in the summertime can be a little riskier than during other seasons because sun exposure can increase the possibility of fading.

Of course, whether or not you should get one all depends on who you ask.

"It's fine to get a tattoo in any season you want," dermatologist Elliot Love, DO, told POPSUGAR. According to Dr. Love, the main factor to consider when getting a tattoo is making sure you're protecting it from the sun's harmful UV rays. "It's important to remember that whether it's the winter or summer, it's not the temperature that matters, it's sun exposure." Tattoo artist Gianna Caranfa, on the other hand, doesn't recommend it: "There are definitely more rules to follow when healing a tattoo in the summertime," she said.

Ahead, we're taking you through just a few things you need to know about getting a tattoo in the summer.

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