We taste-tested the new Marmite peanut butter – here’s our verdict

Mars El Brogy, Laura Hampson, Rob Le Mare

Last week, when Marmite announced the launch of its first new permanent product in its 100-year history, we knew we had to try it.

Marmite Peanut Butter is a combination of two of the nation’s favourite spreads and launched on Ocado.com last Monday. It will be available in supermarkets from April 7.

Marmite said the new spread was developed following ‘overwhelming demand’.

After receiving a couple of jars to test, some of our brave writers decided to taste the product and you can see their reactions in the video above.

While the spread looks like peanut butter, it has a more molten consistency. When eaten, the initial taste is peanut butter before the strong aftertaste of Marmite hits you.

The Marmite peanut butter comes with a strong aftertaste (Marmite)


While most of us were unsure about the taste, if you are a fan of peanut butter and a fan of Marmite, chances are this will be a winner. But, ultimately, they’re better eaten separately.

If you want to try some for yourself, the 225 gram jars will cost £2.50 and will be available at Sainsbury’s from April 7 before rolling out to all leading nationwide retailers.