Tara Smith Launches Vegan Haircare Range With Natalie Imbruglia & Rosario Dawson

27 September 2012
Tara Smith Launches Vegan Haircare Range With Natalie Imbruglia & Rosario Dawson
Tara Smith Launches Vegan Haircare Range With Natalie Imbruglia & Rosario Dawson

When it comes to hair, you can’t really get much a better advert for Tara Smith’s products that her huge bouncing head of curls. Every single one of which was looking it’s bouffant-ed best as she launched her new Vegan hair care range for Marks and Spencers at Sketch in London last night.

We got a chance to speak to Tara about her new products – available in store today – and she explained to us just what it means to be a certified vegan product. ‘What it actually means is that non of the ingredients and none of the by products have been tested on animals, at all,’ she went on to explain, ‘A lot of people still test on animals and to be in 2012/ 2013 it is absolutely inhumane to be doing that.’ She continued, ‘I wanted to be brave and really do something different. It’s about breaking the rules but in a good way and educating people.’

Tara’s strapline for the products which include shampoo, conditioner and styling gel is ‘tested on filmstars not on animals’ so it was only right that a few showed out in support. We spotted Rosario Dawson, Anna Friel AND her long-term boyf Rhys Ifans all enjoying themselves at the bash.

Also on hand to support Tara was her good friend Natalie Imbruglia, who looked lovely in a classic jeans and jacket combo. She told us, ‘Tara’s one of my oldest and dearest friends and I remember staying at her place in LA and she would test the products on me,’ going on to say, ‘The serum’s my favourite, you put it on after you’ve washed your hairy, I’ve got kind of frizzy hair so it’s amazing for that it gives you a kind of natural look, it’s really conditioned.’ We’re off to buy it now!

What we ate: Vegetarian croquet monsieur and chilled tomato gazpatcho
What we drank: Vita coco and mojitos

by Olivia Foster

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