'Tantric sex, what's the point?' Bob Geldof ridicules friend Sting's marathon sessions in Ivor Novello Awards speech

Trudie Styler and Sting were the brunt of Bob Geldof's jokes at the Ivor Novello Awards credit:Bang Showbiz
Trudie Styler and Sting were the brunt of Bob Geldof's jokes at the Ivor Novello Awards credit:Bang Showbiz

Bob Geldof mocked Sting's tantric sex sessions asking what was the point of all that "grunting and heaving" as he presented his friend with the Ivors Academy Fellowship on Thursday (18.05.23).

The Boomtown Rats singer stepped on stage at the 2023 Ivor Novello Awards with Amazon Music - which was held at the Grosvenor House hotel in London - to present Sting, 71, with the accolade, the highest honor bestowed by the British association for music writers.

Taking the opportunity to gently mock his life-long friend, Geldof brought up the former Police frontman's 1990 confession that he and wife Trudie Styler engaged in marathon seven-hour bedroom sessions, insisting the act was pointless and that the couple would be better off getting it over with.

Addressing the guests, Bob - who admitted it was his fault that Sting even ever spoke about tantric - said: "He has been internationally acclaimed for 40 years with questions about tantric sex. Which, let me explain it in a nut shell, involves thinking about cricket scores for f****** hours whilst you're on the job. Why? What's the point? Get it over with, it only has one end.

"That exact same question I innocently put to him during a joint Sting and Bob Q magazine interview many years ago which sent the tantric hares running. I pointed out that I was a solid Irish three-minute man myself, and Geordie b******* over there starts cracking on about holding it in, discipline yourself. Really? Why? Surely three minutes of skilful, considerate, gentle, Irish l********* beats hours of Geordie grunting and heaving. I bring this up again merely to illustrate the grim determination of a Geordie on the run. To keep running from that past you keep needing to leave behind forever and endlessly."

Sting and wife Trudie, 69, could be seen sat at their table laughing as Bob made his quips at their expense.

But in his witty and lengthy induction speech, Geldof also paid tribute to Sting's incredible music talents, and to "celebrate" their "lifetime of friendship".

The 71-year-old Band Aid founder said: "Look, he's really, really, really good. I will give him awards every day of the week. I so admire and envy, but not jealous of, no it's a different thing. Without doubt the greatest songwriter of my generation, and ladies and gentlemen that really is saying something.

"We both like similar poets, I love WB Yeats, Sting loves WB Yeats. Yeats in Ireland around 1920 visited the Municipal Gallery, which he in fact helped set up, and he looked around at all the portraits of his friends, the revolutionaries, the rebels, the playwrights, the poets, the businessmen, the theatre people all around him and he was looking and he was about our age and he was musing upon the idea of friendship and while he's getting the Ivor Novello Fellowship, which is wonderful, what I've come to celebrate is a lifetime of friendship. And Yeats wrote with regards to that 'Think where man’s glory most begins and ends, And say my glory was I had such friends.'"

Among the other winners at the 2023 Ivor Novello Awards with Amazon Music were Charli XCX, who went home with the Visionary Award, Rising Star Award recipient Victoria Canal and indie band James who were presented with the PRS for Music Icon Award.