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  • Are parents missing the point of World Book Day?

    Mums and dads are spending more on costumes for today than they do on novels all year round.

  • World Book Day 2019: Last-minute DIY costume ideas

    From the failsafe ghost to Gangsta Granny, look no further for last-minute costume ideas.

  • World Book Day kids' costumes 2019: Best fancy dress ideas, from Gangsta Granny to Where's Wally

    World Book Day is back for a global celebration of reading, authors and illustrators. Celebrated all over Britain, World Book Day gives little ones the chance to dress up as their favourite book characters for the day and take part in school games that will help encourage a love of reading. Whether your tot is a die-hard Harry Potter fan or owns every Roald Dahl book there is, we’ve selected some impressive costumes that will make it a day to remember.

  • 14 DIY World Book Day costume ideas for kids

    It’s World Book Day, and that means only one thing – you’d better have a costume already prepared, or it’s time to crack out the scissors and glue. Making a costume needn’t involve four hours of papier mâché, though – here are a few clever DIY ideas that the kids will love to get you started. Did you know it’s possible to get pregnant while you’re already pregnant? 10-year-old teaches important lesson about trans people with sig

  • Free Nutella, burger, book, drink and showerhead

    You can tell February and March are traditionally a bit depressing, because so many festivities are packed into them. If you've missed Margarita Day and Drink Wine Day, then there's always Pancake Day and World Book Day. Plus

  • When is World Book Day, and how do you avoid the rip offs?

    World Book Day is on 2 March. It's a fantastic idea to promote literacy. An entire day is devoted to children sharing their love of their favourite books, and spreading the joy of reading. In Primary schools, the kids are even invited to

  • This Dad Hit The Nail On The Head With His Kids’ World Book Day Costumes

    While World Book Day, which falls on March 3 each year, is a great way for people globally to celebrate their love of literature, it does leave most parents with yet another costume idea to sort for their child.

  • 6 Literary-Inspired Airbnbs To Satisfy Even The Most Die-Hard Bookworm

    If you have kids you’ll likely have spent last night scrabbling around trying to cobble together a last minute Harry Potter costume because Sainsburys had run out. From the panelled walls, to the snook-like breakfast room, this recently renovated abode is the perfect Welsh retreat to chalk up some bookspiration.

  • 24 Incredible Literary Tattoos To Celebrate World Book Day

    Celebrate world book day with this delectable library of literary inspired tattoos.

  • 10 Books That Have Been Banned For One Reason Or Another

    Chances are, if a book’s been banned then it’s probably worth a read. See how many of these banned literary works you’ve got through…   By Kim Easton-Smith. 16 Slick Ways To Decorate Your Home With Your Book Collection 6 Swoon-Worthy Small Kitchens

  • 16 Slick Ways To Decorate Your Home With Your Book Collection

    It’s great to have lots of reading material at home, but stacks and stacks of books tend to take up lots space not to mention and have a habit of looking a little unkept.

  • World Book Day: what novel transports you?

    Today is World Book Day and, to mark the day of this literary event, we're asking if a book has ever inspired you to travel and which of your favourite books has the ability to take you far, far away from home. Does reading The Life of Pi

  • World Book Day: cheapest ways to read a book

    Get into the spirit of World Book Day for less, as we look at the cheapest ways to read a book. Today is World Book Day. It's the 16th annual celebration of reading books and is being marked in over 100 countries across the