• Teenager arrested after two shot dead during Black Lives Matter protests

    A white 17-year-old police admirer has been arrested over the killing of two people gunned down during a third night of protests in Wisconsin over the police shooting of black man Jacob Blake. Kyle Rittenhouse, of Antioch, Illinois, was taken

  • 'Thank you God': Man narrowly escapes being hit by falling tree

    A young man narrowly missed being struck by a falling tree outside his family's home in Janesville, Wisconsin, last week. Lori Sheetz-Blank's home surveillance camera recorded the moment her son, Timothy Sheetz, stepped off the front

  • Dad of suspected Jayme Closs kidnapper apologises

    The father of Jake Patterson, accused kidnapper, has apologised to Jayme Closs and her family. The grief-stricken Patrick Patterson delivered a handwritten note expressing sorrow and shame as Jayme's family gathered at Jake's

  • Jayme Closs case: Suspect saw parents as ‘barrier’ to kidnapping

    Investigators believe the man accused of kidnapping Jayme Closs killed her parents to clear the way for him to abduct her, a sheriff said on Saturday. Jake Patterson, 21, is accused of shooting and killing Jayme's parents before abducting

  • Wisconsin teen Jayme Closs reunites with aunt after rescue

    The first picture of teenager Jayme Closs following her escape from captivity shows her with her aunt and her dog. Closs emerged from some woods in Wisconsin on Thursday appealing for help from locals, who kept her safe at a house until police

  • Women find drunk stranger cuddling with dog

    The new year started off with a scare for two Wisconsin women who woke up to find a strange man sleeping in their dog's bed. Lynn Sarver and Elise Diskerud thought it might have been Lynn's son needing a place to crash after a night of

  • Handcuffed woman escapes custody

    A US woman was captured on camera slipping out of her handcuff and escaping a police station. Police soon caught up with Amber Gonzales, 30, as an hour later she returned to the same hotel where she had been arrested in the first place. It all

  • Watch the moments after a Jeep Compass crashes into a house in Milwaukee

    This footage was captured after a Jeep Compass rocketed into a house in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A female, who claims she blacked out at the wheel, was driving the red Jeep at the time of the

  • Tailgated driver causes crash in Wisconsin

    A motorist caused a nasty accident in Wisconsin by slamming on their brakes - in front of a tailgating SUV. The footage, which was captured on dash cam, sees one driver getting very close to another on a section of busy highway in Little

  • Well-preserved pre-war American cars found in Texan barn

    Three 1930s Cadillacs discovered in a Texas barn could sell for more than $700,000 (£460,600) when they go up for sale at auction on June 12. These models are just three of five perfectly preserved pre-war vehicles found by a Texan car collector

  • CCTV captures fifty-car pile-up

    A traffic camera on an American highway has captured the moment at least 50 cars collided into one another due to slippery

  • City authorities plan to clear icy roads - with cheese!

    When you're stuck in a snow-induced traffic jam this winter, you should probably thank your lucky stars. Why? Well, not because of the jam itself, of course – that's just plain

  • 80-year-old woman lands plane after pilot dies mid-air

    AP An 80-year-old woman from Wisconsin landed a twin-engine Cessna plane after her pilot husband passed out and later died while they were flying. According to the Herald Sun, Helen Collins had no flying experience and had to radio for help.

  • Boy rescued after falling 25ft from ski lift

    Matt Roeser A young boy was lucky to escape unharmed after falling 25ft from a ski lift this week. The boy slipped through a gap in the chair lift, and was spotted hanging onto his father's arm. Matt Roeser Onlooker Matt Roeser, from

  • Video: Daredevil goes waterskiing - on a stool (don't try this at home...)

    Is this the newest holiday sport? This video of a waterskier standing on a bar stool while riding the waves across a lake in Missouri, US, has left us gobsmacked. Exactly what possessed him to try this is unclear. Without any straps or groves

  • Video: Pilot walks away from nosedive crash at air show

    YouTube/Brian Leach/Fox The moment an F-16 fighter jet nose-dived into the ground at an air show has been caught on camera. And, miraculously, the pilot got out and walked away from the crash - injury-free. Onlookers guessed the aircraft to