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  • How late night eating affects your body

    Studies and speculations linking late night eating to weight gain have been circulating for years, but is it really the one way ticket to obesity it’s made out be? Well, yes and no. There are a number of contributing factors that could cause weight gain. Reaching for sugary drinks and unhealthy snacks between meals causes insulin levels to spike and has a knock-on effect on appetite.

  • Woman who was fat-shamed by her doctor drops 10 stone in time for her wedding

    A woman who was 'fat-shamed' by her own doctor used the incident to kick-start a new health and fitness regime which has seen her drop an incredible 10 stone.

  • Pink's empowering body positive post urges new mums to stay off the scales

    You can count on Pink to sprinkle a little body positivity when it’s needed. The 37-year-old mum-of-two just delivered a dollop of realness to all women, particularly other new mums who are learning to love their new post-baby bodies.

  • These daily activities burn more calories than a 30-minute walk

    Great news bath lovers! A recent study by Loughborough University found that soaking in a hot tub — while doing absolutely nothing — an burn as many as 130 calories, the equivalent of a 30-minute walk.

  • Bride-to-be left embarrassed by her engagement pictures sheds an incredible 7 stone in time for her wedding

    When Haley Smith agreed to marry the man of her dreams, it wasn’t the only life-changing decision she was about to make. When Haley’s fiancé Matt Smith got down on one knee in July 2015, the psychology student weighed 19st 8lbs, and despite the moment being one of the happiest times of her life, Haley admits she cried her eyes out when she saw the pictures of herself in the shots.

  • Struggling to lose weight? Don’t blame your genes!

    Rubbish news of the day alert: new research suggests that the so-called obesity gene is not to blame for your inability to shift the pounds. When scientists revealed the existence of a ‘fat gene’ it provided some with a handy opportunity to attribute weight gain to their DNA. Because according to science the obesity gene is not tipping the scale against you in the battle of the bulge.

  • Can You Lose Weight Without Hitting The Gym? Possibly, With These Belly Busting Beauty Buys

    By getting rid of fatty deposits, your abs will be more defined and your exercise efforts will be visible faster. Used best in conjunction with core exercise, it’s aimed at the male market but we actually really like the desert sand scent.

  • An Instagram Food Diary Helped This Woman Drop 6 Stone

    When Kerry Swift, 27, saw pictures of herself at her son’s christening in October 2014, she decided to start keeping a record of every meal she ate to help inspire her to stick to a healthy diet. “Putting my weight-loss journey out in the public domain kept me on track, so now I’m showing off the results online too,” she told FEMAIL.

  • Fitness Trainers Pile On The Pounds So They Can Shape Up With Their Clients

    Australian fitness gurus Sharny, 36, and Julius Kieser, 35, are sick of the fakery of their industry so they’ve decided to get real with their clients by sharing their weight loss journey. “We’ve got nice and fat for ourselves,” said Julius in a Facebook Live post this week. Sharny wants to lose more than two stone and go from 10st 8lbs to 8st 6lbs,  while Julius wants to drop from 17st 1lb to less than 15st 7lbs.

  • The Child Fat-Shaming Debate Continues: Should A Parent Ever Be Told Their Tot’s Overweight?

    Shameless actress Tina Malone and a health and lifestyle journalist were shown a picture of a toddler and asked whether they thought it would be the right thing to do to tell a parent that the infant was overweight. Tina said that she had recently warned a friend that her son was overrating.

  • Woman Credits Her Apple Watch For Helping Her Lose Half Her Body Weight In A Year

    Because 20-year-old Eve Stansfield from Brisbane credits her Apple Watch for helping her to lose almost half her body weight. Using the device to track her movements, workouts and calories lost, Eve regularly takes to her Instagram Eve Chantal to share images of the results alongside motivational captions to inspire others with their own fitness journeys.

  • Science Says A Good Cry Can Help You Lose Weight

    Talking to PopSugar, leading stress expert Dr Pete Sulack, explained that an emotionally charged crying session can help you shift a few extra pounds. It’s all to do with the fact that tears contain stress hormones. Well, cortisol is the stress hormone that can make you feel anxious, panicky and can cause your body to cling to belly fat.

  • Woman Shares Body Transformation Selfie After Shedding An Incredible 92kg In Under A Year

    Having struggled with her weight her entire life, the 25-year-old make-up artist from Auckland had decided that after tipping the scales at 169kg it was time to kiss goodbye to the quick-fix diets and overhaul her entire health and fitness regime. “The depth and the level they [the haters] go to — it’s mind-blowing,” she told Daily Mail Australia.

  • Duchess Of Cambridge Spills The Beans On Her Weight Loss Trick

    Kate has revealed her secret to staying in shape [Photo: Rex Features] Forget faddy diets or chaining yourself to the treadmill, The Duchess of Cambridge has revealed a far simpler secret to staying in shape…running around after her children. While attending a garden party in New Delhi with husband, William, The Duke of Cambridge, to honour the Queen’s upcoming 90th birthday, the 34-year-old mum-of-two was asked how she managed to stay so slim after having children, George, 2 and Charlotte, 11 months.  “We said, ‘How do you lose all the weight after having two kids?’ And she said, 'I am running after my kids,’” fellow guest Prof BulBul Dhar-James revealed to reporters after speaking with the Duchess at the party. Boho chic nailed! The Duchess stepped out in an elegant skirt and crop top by designer Temperley [Photo: Rex Features] Prof Dhar-James, who teaches political science at Jamia Mellia Islamia University, also asked her how she kept cheery through all the engagements.

  • Can Bikini Selfies Really Help You Lose Weight?

    Let’s face it most of us would prefer to hide our wobbly bits under a kaftan than reveal our bikini bods to the social media world. Scroll through any social media feed and you’ll stumble across countless health pros sharing shots of their super food smoothies and how-did-she-get-her-leg-there yoga poses. Professor Mercedes Rizo Baeza from the University of Alicante, who carried out the research said: “What patients want is a photo, rather than cold numbers.