• 'It's still working!' Metal detecting divers discover luxury watch

    This was the moment a pair of metal detecting divers discovered a luxury watch on the seabed, just off the coast of Corfu. In the footage, captured earlier this month in Greece, Stephen Kershaw is using his handheld metal detector to search the

  • Michael Kors Just Launched Its New Smart Watch

    Michael Kors launched it’s new smart watch yesterday, and it’s pretty darn beautiful. The thing about the Michael Kors Access display smartwatch is that, unlike most smart watches, this looks and feels like a piece of jewellery.

  • Sotheby's to auction retro Swatch watches

    Sotheby's auction house are set to sell a collection of rare Swatch watches in an upcoming auction. Swatch was founded in the early Eighties by Nicolas Hayek and the brand quickly became popular thanks to their bright colours and quirky

  • World's most valuable watch: tragedy strikes again

    The most expensive watch ever to be sold at auction went under the hammer last week. However, just two days before the sale, its most recent owner died suddenly at home, at the age of just 48. It's not the first time that the owner of the

  • Could this be the world's most expensive Rolex?

    An 18-carat gold watch will be sold at auction tomorrow, and the auctioneers suggest it will become 'the most important and monetarily valuable' Rolex watch ever sold. It's solid gold and was made in 1951, but the thing that makes

  • Is time running out for the wristwatch?

    It has been the staple of every man and woman's daily outfit for many a year, but it seems the wristwatch may have had its day. Top related searches: Buy watches online Luxury wristwatch Tag Heuer Rolex Swatch watches Cheap watches