• This is what Kim Kardashian does when she’s too lazy to wash her face

    There’s not a whole lot we have in common with Kim Kardashian West, but in the name of launching her new KKW…

  • Science says we've been washing our hands all wrong?

    Deputy chief medical officer, Dr Gina Radford, believes the majority of people aren’t spending long enough or washing their hands in the right way, which is putting them at risk of common infections. Worse still, this failure to carry out what she described as ‘basic hygiene’ is actually contributing to the growing problem of antibiotic resistance, which is serious stuff. Speaking at an International Longevity Centre debate in London and reported by Mail Online, Dr Radford said that the rise in antibiotic resistance wasn’t being helped by people not washing their hands properly.

  • How often should we wash our clothes? Question divides internet

    The thread on Mumsnet titled “Am I being unreasonable to not wear clean clothes everyday” began with original poster Happyhippy45 saying that her other half thought she was a “bit minky” as she doesn’t wash every item of her clothing every day. “I think loads of people smell bad.

  • How you should actually be washing your lingerie

    Over at Bustle, they asked Allison Beale, Marketing and Brand Director of lingerie brand Journelle, how we should really be washing our undergarments. Apparently the first mistake many of us make is over-washing our bras. Keep your bras well away from both and hand wash them instead to prevent damage.

  • Why You Really Should Be Washing Your Bedsheets More

    How often do you wash your bedsheets? Ok so we’d like to be washing our bedsheets more, but what with juggling a job, social life and Netflix subscription CONFESSION! it can take us a while to get round to it, like a few weeks while. According to a recent YouGov poll more than a third of us wait 14 days to wash our sheets, while a super slothy one in ten of us only get round to sticking them in the washing machine every four weeks.

  • How Often Do We Actually Need To Wash?

    According to cosmetic dermatologist Dr Sam Bunting, yes – it can be: “Washing is important for personal hygiene and, psychologically, it feels good to be clean. Dr Bunting says that our skin has an outer layer of “natural moisturising factor and oils”, which repeated washing can deplete.

  • Here’s Why You Should Be Washing New Clothes Before You Wear Them

    Not only is it wrinkle-free, it smells new-clothes fresh and you haven’t had to play shrinkage roulette with the washing machine. Clothing manufacturing expert Lana Hogue, who teaches classes at Garment Industry 411 told Elle.com that there is more than one reason we should be doing the whole washing before wearing thing.

  • The Definitive Guide To How Often We Should Wash Our Clothes

    Up until now we have all thought that it is perfectly acceptable to let our laundry bag fill right up to the top before tackling the dreaded washing. Bad news, science has spoken and it turns out we all should be doing our laundry a lot more than our allotted once a week *groan*.

  • Why Do Socks Go Missing In The Wash? Science Has The Answer

    Has science solved the mystery of the missing socks? [Photo: Rex Features]

  • Are you showering too much? It could be making you ill

    Are you showering too much? It looks like most of us are - and it could be making us sick, says new research. A study from Columbia University says that washing too often can cause skin to dry and crack. This can make your skin far more