• The amount of miles you rack up walking a dog is quite extraordinary

    And it's not just because they're cute!

  • Calorie-blasting power walking tips

    Power walking can be highly effective for weight loss - if you follow these tips. 1. Stand up straight 2. Pick up the pace 3. Take the talk test 4. Pump your arms 5. Switch up your stride 6. Pick up some weights 7. Add intervals Find out why

  • Walking is one of the best exercises for your body, a Harvard doctor reveals

    Going to the gym is not the only way to keep healthy and fit

  • Air pollution affects more children in cars than outside

    A study has found children are at greater risk of dangerous levels of air pollution when traveling inside a car than when outside a vehicle. Writing for the Guardian, professor Sir David King has found that walking to school or cycling is actually

  • Exercising too much could prevent you from losing weight

    According to one nutritionist, anyway.

  • The exercise you need to do to burn off different junk foods

    You'll have to do a decent few miles to burn off that mocha.

  • What's it like to walk Anglesey's Coastal Path?

    Anglesey Island on the north west coast of Wales provides some beautiful experiences for walkers. See also: William and Kate's Anglesey cottage up for rent See also: Ten reasons we love Wales See also: Britain's best places for

  • Could fitness apps encouraging you to walk 10,000 steps a day be doing more harm than good?

    Could fitness apps encouraging you to walk 10,000 steps be doing more harm than good? “8,000 steps down, only 2,000 to go,” people groan as they check their fitness tech over coffee, lunch, cocktails. Dr Greg Hager, a professor of computer science from Johns Hopkins University in the US, maintains ‘very few’ of the estimated 165,000 available healthcare apps are based on scientific evidence.

  • 20 of the best country pubs for winter walks

    <p><span>Open fires, good food and decent beer on tap - there&#39;s nothing quite like a cosy pub after a long walk in the country. With the Christmas season fast approaching, many of us will be pulling on our boots and enjoying the countryside in its winter glory. From Cornwall to Cumbria, here are 20 of the best UK pubs close to walking routes that would all make perfect pit stops.</span></p>

  • Walking or jogging - which is best?

    You might think that jogging is just fast walking but there's a huge difference between the two activities. Read on to discover which is best for your health and fitness, and which will help you to lose the most weight. See also: Over-60s

  • Walking may burn more calories than previously believed

    Good news for walkers trying to lose weight: you're likely to be burning more calories than you think. See also: Why walking is better for you than going to the gym That's according to researchers from the Southern Methodist

  • Woman and dog walk on clear ice in Montana (video)

    We all know that on ice is dangerous - it's usually impossible to tell how thick the surface is and how deep the water is underneath.But this woman had a rather different experience when she was out walking with her dog Ivy at the frozen

  • Britain's best walking holidays

    Walking is one of the best ways to experience Britain's magnificent scenery, whether you want to witness the wonders of the coast or explore the incredible mountains. A walking holiday in the UK offers something for everyone, from clifftop

  • Safety concerns stop parents from letting children walk to school

    Road safety concerns are stopping four in 10 parents from letting their children walk or cycle to school, according to new figures from road safety charity

  • Walking, cycling or public transport commute cuts drivers' weight

    Ditching the car on the daily commute can lead to substantial weight losses, new research has found. By choosing to walk, cycle or take public transport to work, motorists can lose up to 7kg and boost their fitness in the process, the study by

  • Walking helps you live longer

    Trading just two minutes of sitting for walking can help you live longer, scientists claim. Getting motivated for that much time of every hour otherwise spent languishing on a sofa or remaining stuck behind a desk reduced the risk of dying by a

  • World's most dangerous footpath re-opens after four years

    El Caminito Del Ray, the world's most terrifying walkway, is set to re-open at the end of March - but helmets will be compulsory for anyone daring to try it. The famous walkway in Spain has been shut for 14 years after five people died

  • Getting bus or train to work makes us happier than driving

    Walking or cycling to work reduces stress and improves brain power, according to a new survey. Workers who commute to work by bus or train are happier than those who use their car, despite the crowds and disruption, the study also found.

  • 25 of Britain's best autumn walks

    It's official: recent research undertaken National Trust confirms that the natural colours we see on an autumn walk make us feel happier, healthier and calmer. And there's no doubt that getting out and about is just the tonic at a time