• Thousands of parents eligible to apply for £150 grant to buy new school uniform

    How much you can claim depends on the area of the UK you live in.

  • Hundreds of Girls Were Sent Home From School Because of Their Skirts

    The principal at Ebbsfleet Academy in Kent, England, took drastic measures recently to ensure that the high school’s uniform dress code is taken seriously, says The Independent. Alison Colwell refused entrance to 20 teenage girls on their first day back to school because the students’ skirts were almost two inches above their knees, leaving the teens out on the street. Defending her decision, Colwell said, “We have a clear uniform policy that we enforce.

  • Schools told to cut uniform costs

    The coalition is urging schools to avoid branded uniforms to cut bills for hard-pressed parents. Schools minister David Laws said the cost of clothing was often "unnecessarily high" at a time when family budgets were being

  • Bra wars: Virgin Trains in row over see-through uniforms

    Virgin Trains staff are currently engaged in a "bra wars" row after rejecting new uniform blouses as "skimpy" and "revealing". The new uniforms were due to launch today (Wednesday), but will now be launched in

  • OFT urges school uniform review

    The Office of Fair Trading has asked almost 30,000 state schools to review their uniform policies to allow parents to shop around for cheaper items. The OFT's request follows a survey which found that items could be as much as £5 to £10

  • Schools warned over uniform costs

    Schools have a "moral responsibility" to keep the cost of pupils' uniform down, council leaders have warned. Hard-pressed parents should not end up forking out for expensive uniforms because their child is attending a new free