• 7 things your period could be trying to tell you about your health

    Trust Aunt Flo, she's in the know.

  • Actress shares shocking photo after losing an 'inordinate amount of weight'

    “Not anorexia, it’s a thyroid issue,” the actress captioned a nαked Instagram photo of herself, looking thin.

  • Six signs of thyroid problems you shouldn't ignore

    The thyroid gland keeps your metabolic hormones in check. One in eight women will develop thyroid problems in their lifetime. Here are six signs you may be dealing with a thyroid issue. See also: Coping with an overactive thyroid See also: Four

  • Gigi Hadid has revealed she has Hashimoto's Disease, but what is it?

    Gigi Hadid has recently opened up about having Hashimoto’s disease, a common – but sometimes debilitating – thyroid condition. Causing fatigue, weight gain and depression among other symptoms, according to Elle, the 21-year-old model has taken medication for it for two years. You may have had a friend with an over-active thyroid, for example, which can cause nervousness, mood swings and weight loss.

  • Could thyroid disease be the culprit behind your lack of energy?

    Dr. Steven Hotze has helped more than 30,000 patients with natural treatments at the Hotze Health & Wellness Center in Houston, including those with thyroid disease. ALSO SEE: Could you have celiac disease? According to Hotze, the first signs of thyroid disease include ridged fingernails, an enlarged tongue with teeth indentions around the edges, cold hands and feet, hair loss, high cholesterol or pasty, puffy, pale skin.