• Google launches Bard chatbot amid ‘misleading or false information’ fears

    Google has admitted its Bard chatbot can still give “misleading or false information” as it launched the artificial intelligence (AI) engine to the public.

  • Resident Evil 4 review - a lavish remake of a horror classic that is still to be bettered

    Resident Evil 4 is nothing if not flexible. Since its original release in 2005, Leon S Kennedy’s gruesome foray into a macabre, parasite-infected European village has bounced its way to different consoles, incorporated light-gun esque motion controls, had a HD touch-up, been on mobile phones and gone all virtual reality. Now, though, is the first time that it has had the full-on remake treatment that seems so hot right now.

  • Amazon to lay off another 9,000 staff

    Amazon is cutting another 9,000 jobs in its second round of deep layoffs this year. Chief executive Andy Jassy announced the redundancies in a company-wide note to employees on Monday, saying: “I’m writing to share that we intend to eliminate about 9,000 more positions in the next few weeks.” Mr Jassy said the cuts were necessary to reflect the “uncertain economy in which we reside”.

  • From juicy perks to firings on Twitter, the tech bubble is close to bursting

    The timing could hardly have been worse. Jeremy Hunt was due to deliver his “Budget for Growth” in four days’ time. But instead of spending the weekend putting the final touches to his sums and speech, the Chancellor and his team were instead embroiled in a frantic 48-hour attempt to save the UK arm of a bank most people had never heard of.

  • No hope of UK rocket launch until 2024 after Virgin Orbit failure

    Britain has little hope of hosting a successful orbital rocket mission this year, space officials have admitted, after the failure of Virgin Orbit's "Start Me Up" satellite launch in January.

  • The London-educated executive fighting for TikTok’s life

    One of Shou Zi Chew’s pieces of life advice is to do things that make you uncomfortable.