• Student had to bring his baby daughter to class so his professor watched her so he could pay attention

    "She was really well behaved," the professor says. "I think we all enjoyed having her energy."

  • School puts £50 limit on spending on teachers' gifts at Christmas

    How much is too much to spend on your child's teacher?

  • This high school is banning homework and tests to 'reduce stress'

    A high school principal in Sweden just banned homework and tests, in order to improve her student body's mental health. Research suggests she may be on to something.

  • Teaching staff could be forced to pay to park at school

    Swansea council is in discussions over whether to allow schools to introduce staff car parking charges. If passed, the fees would be introduced from April 1, and would be decided on a school-by-school basis. The parking charges would be linked to

  • Here's what teachers wish they could say

    This video could come as a breath of fresh air to many teachers. In the footage, which was shared on June 5, Australian comedian Troy Kinne says some of the things he imagines teachers wish they could say, given half a chance. The cheeky

  • This Teacher Turned Her Students’ Drawings Into a Dress for the Final Day of School

    This teacher came up with a creative way to remember her graduating first-grade students: having them decorate a white dress with their drawings.

  • New survey reveals the ‘type’ of woman more likely to have success with IVF

    Actresses Courteney Cox, Brooke Shields and new mom Chrissy Teigen have all had success conceiving through IVF, and it’s estimated that over 8,000 IVF procedures are performed in Canada each year – not to mention the millions that take place south of the border. FertilityIQ, a fertility-focused tech company out of the U.S., recently did a survey of more than a thousand fertility patients to find out who is having the most success when it comes to IVF. What they found was that there were certain societal factors that strongly influenced the success of the treatments.

  • 59% of teachers thought of quitting in past six months

    The majority of teachers have considered leaving the profession in the last six months, a survey has found. Three-quarters (76%) said the workload gave them doubts, with a quarter (24%) saying they thought about packing it in because they dislike

  • Horrifying ignorance among teachers on money matters

    If you wanted someone to explain money clearly and knowledgeably to you, then a teacher might be the worst person to ask. A new study has revealed that an astonishing 53% of teachers admit they couldn't teach simple personal finance issues.

  • Most teachers 'feel undervalued'

    The vast majority of teachers in England feel undervalued by society, according to international research. It also shows that the nation's teachers work more hours on average than those in other countries, while most of their time in

  • Primary head's pay passes £200,000

    ​The executive headteacher of a primary academy enjoyed a salary in excess of £200,000 last year after being handed a massive pay rise, official accounts show. Sir Greg Martin, executive head of Durand Academy in south London, saw his salary

  • Forget an apple for the teacher: how about a Chanel bag?

    A report has revealed that the parents of children at private school are giving teachers extraordinary gifts in an effort to help their child get ahead. Among the gifts were iPads, free flights on the family jet, and diamond necklaces. But why

  • Pay strike still on, say teachers

    Teachers have vowed to press ahead with a one-day walkout in a bitter row over pay and conditions amid calls to halt the strike because it will disrupt children's education. Tens of thousands of teachers are expected to take part in

  • Teacher caught lunchtime drink-driving

    A Manchester teacher has been banned from driving after being found to be drunk in charge of a vehicle during his lunch break. Neil Bowden was discovered to be over three times the legal limit when he returned to work at Trinity High School in

  • Teachers get record injury payouts

    Teachers won record amounts of compensation last year after suffering accidents, injuries or assaults at school, new figures have shown. One secondary school teacher was awarded more than £382,000 after his arm was slammed in a filing cabinet,

  • Government faces teacher pay clash

    The Government is on a fresh collision course with teaching unions after confirming it is pressing ahead with plans to link pay to performance in the classroom. Under the changes, teachers will no longer receive automatic annual pay rises, but

  • Maths teaching scholarships offered

    Top graduates are to be offered £20,000 scholarships to train for a career teaching maths. Around 150 of the scholarships are to be offered to graduates with first-class or 2.1 degrees, as part of a Government drive to improve standards of

  • Teacher trainees 'in job struggle'

    Thousands of budding teachers never make it into the classroom, according to new research. Many fail to finish training courses, while others struggle to find teaching jobs, it was

  • Schools warned over supply teachers

    Schools or local authorities could have to foot the bill for millions of pounds in National Insurance (NI) contributions as a result of hiring supply teachers via recruitment agencies which use off-shore firms, the taxman has warned. Such

  • Warning over teachers' pay scales

    Pupils in affluent areas could do less well in their GCSEs because their teachers are more likely to feel under-paid, research has suggested. A new study has found that national pay scales for teachers can have a damaging effect on pupils'