• People on Twitter are freaking out that Apple has been collating their ‘bra’ pictures

    Type 'brassiere' in your photo app search and see what comes up

  • Don't text and walk in Honolulu, you'll get fined!

    Effective today, texting, tweeting, or otherwise staring at one's phone while crossing a street in Honolulu will be a fineable offense. First timers face penalties of up to $35 and repeat offenders run the risk of owing up to $99. See

  • BMW looking to give up car keys for good

    In a few years, BMW's cars may not come with keys at all. That's the latest report from the company, which suggested at the Frankfurt Motor Show that the days of the traditional car key are numbered. Ian Robertson, chief of sales and

  • You can now pre-order a 24k gold iPhone 8

    The iPhone 8 is coming to market soon, and as people clamour to get the new device, others want their soon to be outdated phone to have a timeless quality. How do they want to do that? They want to cover them in gold. See also: Pair of

  • Internet-connected garage door disabled by manufacturer over poor review

    Internet-connected smart devices are becoming more and more prevalent. We're reaching the point where most things in a home can be controlled by a mobile phone app. Heating systems, lighting, security systems – tech companies are

  • Why multi-tasking on the toilet is a horrible idea

    More than three quarters of people take their mobile phone into the toilet with them - and continue to work from the throne. Some 58% have sent an email to their boss or a client from the toilet, while one in twenty joined a conference call. A

  • Mum bans son's iPhone and sees his behaviour transformed. Should other parents be doing the same?

    The fact is children and technology are a match made in heaven, or hell, depending on which screen-time camp you fall into. One mum who definitely knows where she stands on the whole to ban or not to ban discussion is Karly Tophill.

  • Nearly a billion phones open to hackers

    Owners of Android phones are being warned that they are vulnerable to hackers, who could steal data, gain control of the phone and plant malware. The problem's believed to affect a whopping 900 million phones worldwide that run on chips

  • Parents forced to pay twice for kids gadgets

    Choosing what toys to buy for your children can be difficult. It's likely they will want exactly what their friends have, but sometimes this can end up being unaffordable. But what about the toys and gadgets you do choose to give them? What

  • Bar Blocks Phone Signal To Force People To Talk To Each Other

    Ever been on a date with someone who can’t stop browsing Facebook, flicking through Snapchat or, God forbid, swiping on Tinder? Steve Tyler, who runs The Gin Tub in Hove, was sick of seeing people glued to their iPhones rather than having a chat, so he decided to use 19th century technology to make phones useless in his bar. Steve created a Faraday cage, a tin box that blocks electrical fields, invented in 1836 by physicist Michael Faraday.

  • What to delete if your smartphone storage is full

    With music, apps, photos and videos, it's easy to use up all the storage on your smartphone. Here's what to delete if your storage is full. See also: Six of the best smartphone

  • Driving licences could soon be displayed on motorists' smartphones

    As technology progresses, more and more functions are becoming available on mobile phones. From contactless payments to digital boarding passes, there is very little now that can't be done directly from the palm of our hand. And now it

  • Smartphones distract pedestrians from keep an eye on the road

    Getty Images/iStockphoto In a generation over-powered by the smartphone, it's no wonder we encounter hundreds of people embarking on their daily commute while their eyes are glued to their mobile devices. But, as research has shown,

  • Bentley launches £10,700 smartphone

    Bentley In a world where technology is ever changing, smart phones are becoming increasingly expensive, as their creators constantly stuff more features into their latest

  • ​Apple iWatch even more distracting than a mobile phone

    Getty Images The Apple iWatch is the latest device to be slammed by road safety campaigners as a dangerous distraction to motorists. While those using mobile phones behind the wheel have come under fire from police, those using one of the

  • EE introduces 50p queue jumping charge

    Got 50p to give away? Then give it to EE. You'll queue jump all the other customers hanging on for service at an EE/Orange contact centre. Think of it as a kind of priority boarding, but for mobile customers. If you refuse to stump up the

  • ​British drivers most likely to take a selfie while driving

    Young drivers in Britain are more likely to snap a selfie while driving than their peers in other European countries, a new report has

  • Student creates an app that could spell the end of school-run chaos

    An AS-level student at King's College School in Wimbledon has created an app for smartphones that aims to relieve some of the traffic chaos and tension caused by the daily school

  • Own-brand smartphone from Tesco

    Supermarket giant Tesco will launch an own-brand smartphone this year, as well as a new version of the Hudl tablet. Chief executive Philip Clarke told the BBC that the success of the company's Hudl tablet and the growth of digital

  • Public warned on dodgy public Wifi hotspots

    That coffee shop or leisure centre Wi-Fi spot may be free and convenient, but it could also empty your bank account. Attacks on smartphone and tablet security is increasing, especially if you use online banking or even Facebook, according to