• Here's why one university lecturer wants to ban smacking children

    Should smacking children be made illegal? This university lecturer thinks it should.

  • More Than Half Of British Parents Believe In Smacking Children

    Earlier this week we revealed that smacking children in the UK could be banned if a UN inquiry ruled in favour of making the parenting practice illegal. As part of an ongoing research into British parenting, a new survey by Voucher Codes Pro?of 2,186 British parents has revealed two thirds of them admit to believing in the concept of smacking their children, but only a third (35%) have actually used the method. The most popular forms of discipline used by parents is the naughty step, followed by being sent to their rooms and the increasingly popular putting children on a tech ban.

  • Couple Who Smack Their Children Refused Right To Become Foster Parents

    Gregory and Melanie Magazu of Boston revealed that they use spanking as a punishment with their own kids, leading to their 2012 application for possibly becoming pre-adoptive parents being denied. The couple agreed not to smack any foster children they might have in their care but refuse to stop using this form of punishment on their own kids. In Massachusetts, smacking isn’t against the law but the Department of Children and Families is concerned about the effect that hitting a child in foster care might have on them. “Being aware of physical punishment in their pre-adoptive home could well trigger the very trauma the placement was intended to mitigate,“ Worcester Superior Court Judge Brian Davis explained in his 2013 decision.