sea creatures

  • ‘Vampire Squid from Hell’ spotted during deep-sea expedition mission

    The E/V Nautilus mission recently sent its cameras about a mile deep into the waters off the coast of Socorro Island and spotted a beautiful creature with a menacing name - the Vampire Squid from Hell. See also: Giant squid washes up on beach in

  • What is this mysterious sea creature washed up on a UK beach?

    A very strange-looking sea creature with hairy spikes on its back has washed up on Crosby beach in Liverpool - leaving locals somewhat perplexed. The marine creatures was spotted by a beachgoer who shared the image with Sefton Council, which was

  • What is this strange creature found on a beach in Australia?

    A beachgoer was left stumped by a strange-looking creature he found on the sand in Australia. Images were shared on social media of the creature found on Fremantle's South Beach in Western Australia in a bid to find out exactly what it

  • Mysterious sea creature pictured in Corfu leaves tourist baffled

    Is it a hippo? Is it a crocodile? Is it a dolphin? Or is it a mix of all three? (Hicrocolphin?) A British tourist was left scratching his head after discovering his Corfu holiday pictures had been photobombed by a mysterious sea creature. See

  • Adorable 'sea bunnies' become viral sensation in Japan (video)

    It's strange to think of a sea slug as adorable, but Japan is going crazy over these slugs that share a strong resemblance to fluffy bunny rabbits. The Jorunna Parva maybe small, at just three-quarters of an inch long, but they've gone

  • Moment rare 14ft sea creature surfaces next to fishermen's boat

    Fishermen in Florida managed to catch on camera the moment an elusive sawfish surfaced next to their boat. The strange-looking creature can be seen twisting and turning, before it emerges and shows off its amazing, without stating the obvious,

  • Creepy 'sea monsters' falling from sky in Alaska. Really

    As if these scary-looking creatures weren't terrifying enough in the water, they're now falling out of the sky in Alaska. For real. Locals in Fairbanks have been finding lampreys, foot-long eel-like fish with horrifying teeth, around

  • Rare 13ft oarfish washes up on California beach

    A very rare deep-sea oarfish was found washed up on a California beach this week. The 13ft sea creature was discovered on Catalina Island in Southern California. The rare fish was found by Catalina Island Conservancy worker Amy Catalano and

  • What on earth is this whale-sized sea creature? (Video)

    No, this is not something from a horror film. Divers in Tasmania, Australia, came across this huge tubular sea creature that can grow as a big as a sperm whale (we're talking up to 60ft). The creature, called a pyrosome, looks like a

  • Rare and terrifying sea creature caught in Australia

    An extremely rare and rather terrifying sea creature has been caught in Victoria, Australia. The two-metre-long frilled shark was caught on a fishing trawler in waters near Lakes Entrance in the state's Gippsland region. The species dates

  • Mystery sea monster washes up on beach in Russia

    A sea creature that was spotted on a beach in Russia has left experts baffled for eight years. According to English Russia, the creature was found by Russian soldiers on the Sakhalin shoreline in 2006. The Sakhalin area is situated near to

  • Rare deep sea creature caught on camera (video)

    Marine experts have caught incredible footage of one of the world's rarest deep sea creatures on camera. The purple siphonophore was spotted during a deep sea expedition in the Gulf of Mexico in June. It looks like a jellyfish (it's a

  • Giant 'alien' shrimp caught in Florida (video)

    You'd be forgiven for thinking this was something out of the film Alien. But it's actually a giant mantis shrimp. A couple reeled in the enormous creature while fishing at Florida's Fort Pierce. According to the Metro, onlooker

  • 'Alien' mushroom creatures discovered in ocean off Australia

    Aliens in the shape of unclassifiable mushroom-shaped creatures have been discovered in the ocean depths off Australia. Two species of the strange organisms were found that could not be placed in any existing phyla, the large families of living

  • Mysterious red blob washes up on beach in Australia

    A woman in Australia spotted a mysterious sea creature while walking on a Sunshine Coast beach on Monday morning. Debbie Higgs discovered the strange red blob on Mudjimba Beach while taking photos on the beach. She posted a picture of the

  • Mysterious jellyfish-like creatures invade America's beaches, scientists baffled

    Billions of mysterious sea creatures have washed up on beaches along America's West Coast over the past few weeks. The jellyfish-like creatures are known as 'by-the-wind sailors' or Velella velella and have stunned scientists as

  • Four new sea creature species discovered off Scotland

    Scientists have made an "incredible discovery" of four new species of sea creature off the west coast of Scotland around the Rockall plateau. All four were found at Rockall, 260 miles west of the Western Isles. According to the