• Five surprisingly smart uses for salt that don’t involve cooking

    If you think salt is nothing more than inexpensive stuff that tastes good sprinkled on your fish and chips, you've been missing out on a lot. There are many other uses for salt that don't involve a single moment of cooking. From

  • The diet mistakes that could be killing us

    Unhealthy diets are responsible for 11 million preventable deaths globally per year.

  • Here's how road salt can damage your car

    As soon as the weather dips below freezing, local authorities place salt and grit onto the road. These prevent ice from forming, and improve grip – and therefore safety – but they can be doing hidden damage to the underside of

  • How to cut back on salt without hating your food

    A little sodium in your diet is important for your body to function properly, but too much isn't going to do your health any favours. Here are some ways to cut back. See also: Eight foods full of healthy fats See also: 10 healthy foods

  • Foods that contain a lot more salt than you think

    Let’s face it, we all like a bit of salt in our diets. Whether you’re cooking with it, adding it to your meal or simply buying salt-heavy products, our levels are probably a little on the high side.In fact, NHS statistics show that adults in the UK eat about 8.1g of salt (that’s 3.2g of sodium) every single day. The recommended daily limit is 6g (2.4g of sodium).Too much sodium can cause a number of problems such as increased blood pressure leading to a real risk of heart disease and stroke.As well as the usual culprits, there are a few surprising foods that contain a lot more of the bad stuff than you think. Prepare for some major disappointment.Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for non-stop inspiration delivered fresh to your feed, every day. For Twitter updates, follow @YahooStyleUK.Read more from Yahoo Style UK:Salt being bad for us is a myth, doctor claims Three fruit and veg a day are enough according to scientistsWhat your food cravings really mean – and how to cure them

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  • Four ways to make food taste better without salt

    Luckily reducing your salt intake isn't that hard and doesn't have to mean bland meals that bore your tastebuds. In this video you can learn about four ways to add flavour to your meals without sky-high sodium. See also: Five foods

  • Five foods you'd never know were high in salt

    Many foods contain 'hidden' salt in quantities that will surprise you, as this vide shows. World Salt Awareness Week, which begins today (Monday 20 March 2017), aims at reminding people of the health risks associated with including

  • 5 foods with scary amounts of salt

    Monitoring your sodium intake isn't just avoiding those salty snack cravings like crisps. Here are 5 foods that will shock you with how much salt they contain. See also: 5 facts to know about your cholesterol See also: Nine in 10 not

  • Canadians warned not to approach car-licking moose

    The Canadian province of Alberta has warned motorists not to approach moose if they find the animals licking salt from their cars. Officials issued the alert after finding moose licking cars parked near two trails in Peter Lougheed Provincial

  • Lighter meals for January

    Who says healthy meals have to be boring? Even a chicken curry can be tasty and low in calories, with this delicious option combining full-on flavour with a light sauce of chopped tomatoes and creamy dollop of low fat natural yoghurt. The

  • Eight foods surprisingly high in salt

    You know that eating too much salt can increase your risk of high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke – but knowing exactly how much you're eating can be tricky. It's not the salt that you add to your dinner

  • Houmous Isn’t As Good For Us As We’d Hoped

    According to campaign group Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH), our favourite dips such as houmous, taramasalata, salsa, tzatziki and guacamole are often packed with loads of salt and excess calories. Tragically, our long-time favourite dip houmous was among the worst offenders when it came to high salt and calorific properties.

  • Surprising things you can do with salt

    It's not just to add to your food. There are some truly brilliant and surprising uses for salt, including: Making eggs easier to peel Add a teaspoon of salt to your water when boiling eggs to help stop the shell cracking when you want to

  • City authorities plan to clear icy roads - with cheese!

    When you're stuck in a snow-induced traffic jam this winter, you should probably thank your lucky stars. Why? Well, not because of the jam itself, of course – that's just plain

  • Salt and your health

    Salt is vital to help our bodies function correctly, but it is also the only mineral which most of us over-consume. Top related searches: Salt Salty foods Sodium Salt body Reducing salt intake Salt substitutes Low-salt food Low-sodium

  • High street chains 'ignoring obesity drive'

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  • Christmas lunch can contain twice daily recommended amount of salt

    We're often told how many calories we're likely to consume on Christmas day (as many as 6,000!), but did you know that you're also likely to eat double the daily recommended amount of salt? Top related searches: christmas cake

  • Councils still waiting for salt but transport secretary says 'we'll cope'

    The earliest snowfall in 17 years has lead to fears that the UK's local authorities have insufficient salt to treat the nation's roads. The Transport Secretary moved to ease concerns on ITV's Daybreak by reassuring viewers he felt