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  • Melania Trump is wearing another beloved belted shirtdress

    The first lady has worn the style on multiple occasions and by a range designers, including Ralph Lauren and Adam Lippes.

  • Melania Trump wears $1,590 dress and stilettos (again!) for second trip to Houston

    First lady Melania Trump is either blissfully unaware of the heat she took last week for her "storm stilettos," or she doesn't care what people think.

  • Why French First Lady Brigitte Macron Wore Powder Blue, Just Like Melania Trump

    Opinions differ on the outfit the new French first lady wore to her husband’s inauguration, but it has people talking and drawing comparisons.

  • Tiffany & Co. Is Sending a Message to Trump — And Not Everyone Is Happy About It

    On Tuesday, Tiffany & Co. posted a statement on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and in the New York Times: Please keep the U.S. in the Paris Climate Agreement.

  • Hillary Clinton Wears White Pantsuit to Trump's Inauguration

    While the world is fixated on President Trump and his family, Hillary Clinton arrived at the Capitol wearing a white — you guessed it — pantsuit.

  • Melania Trump expected to wear Ralph Lauren at Trump's inauguration

    Numerous designers have refused to dress the future First Lady

  • This Is How You Should Actually Pronounce Ralph Lauren

    It’s one of those never-ending arguments, a bit like how to pronounce Primark (’PREE-mark’ or ‘PRY-mark’?) - how are we actually meant to pronounce Ralph Lauren? Because on the one hand, saying Ralph ‘LAU-ren’ makes us fear we’re making it sound all British and common, but going for the kind-of-French-sounding Ralph ‘Lau-REN’ risks making us sound poncy. When she was 14 she wrote to Ralph Lauren to get the answer - and got an official response back.

  • Is Cuba The Most Stylish Olympic Team Of 2016?

    The Olympics at Rio 2016 is tiptoeing closer, and we’re beginning to see what the games will look like this year. As for France, Lacoste has kitted the country’s team out, which has also proven popular online.

  • Saint West Is Already Being Sent Free Designer Clobber

    Taking to her instagram the 34-year-old reality star shared a picture of a cute brown bomber jacket with Saint’s name written in the silk lining, customised exclusively for him by designer Ralph Lauren. Posting a picture of the jacket alongside the handwritten note from the designer Kim wrote: “Thank you Mr. Ralph Lauren for making Saint this little jacket. When North was born Kim and Kanye were inundated with designer pressies, so it’s no surprise that little bro, Saint is also receiving the freebie treatment.

  • Ralph Lauren Steps Down From The Fashion Label He Founded

    The 75-year-old is heading into semi-retirement, after almost 50 years at the helm of his famous fashion brand. [Photo: Getty] Just weeks after Natalie Massenet announced she was quitting Net-a-Porter, the company she founded from her London flat, it’s been revealed that Ralph Lauren is stepping down from his own fashion empire. The US designer will be handing over the reigns of his quintessential brand to Stefan Larsson in November, a former executive at H&M and president of Old Navy – Gap’s down-marked brand that he helped revive. Despite stepping back, Lauren isn’t fully resigning and plans to stay involved with the company he founded almost 50 years ago and hopes to work with Larsson in a “partnership” – until he doesn’t like the direction his brand is being taken in.