• Something weird happens when you stare into someone's eyes for 10 minutes

    If you stare into someone's eyes for ten straight minutes, something very weird happens. According to a report, their face morphs into that of a monster, a relative, or even your own. There have also been reports of seeing things that can

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  • Women overestimate their partner's sexual advances and men underestimate them, it turns out

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  • Dying to put your Christmas tree up? You're probably a happy person

    Putting your Christmas decorations up early isn't a bad thing.

  • The psychology of the sexy Halloween costume

    From sexy schoolgirls to skintight catsuits: Why are risqué Halloween costumes so popular?

  • Eating meat apparently makes you more likely to be a snob (and racist, too)

    Survey findings were published in the journal Appetite.

  • Be bold with your car colour choice, says Nissan

    What colour is your car? If you're Mr or Mrs Average, it's likely your answer is white, black, or grey – this monochromatic trio makes up over half of new car registrations in the UK. However, Nissan thinks it's high time

  • Most people will have a mental illness during their lifetime

    If you've struggled with your mental health before, you certainly aren't alone.

  • These are the secrets most likely to be held from you

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  • This is why couples have baby-ish nicknames for one another

    There's a reason they call one another 'baby' (other than to make you vomit).

  • Are you making these typical gift mistakes?

    Everyone thinks they're great at choosing Christmas presents, but then again GoCompare has calculated that after Christmas we'll be returning £355 million worth of unwanted gifts, so we're clearly way off the mark. Don't feel

  • The real reason we don't save for retirement

    Why aren't people saving for retirement? If you ask them, they'll say they need to buy a house first, or pay off debts, or that they don't earn enough to live on, let alone save. Of course, all these things play their part, but

  • Five terrible reasons for overspending on presents

    When we blow the budget on Christmas presents, we tell ourselves that we're just being very generous. But that's not true - it's just a lie we tell ourselves in order to hide the real reasons for our overspending. There are five

  • Better sex in a long-term relationship: Is this the secret?

    Yes – it may not be the sexiest word in the English language, but a study published in the American Psychological Association Journal found that responsiveness and empathy towards ones partner made them more open to engaging in sexual activities. According to Stylist, psychology professor Gurit E Birnbaum conducted a series of experiments with the aim of determining what optimum conditions are for the best sex.

  • Turns Out There’s Only Four Personality Types In The World (And The Majority Of Us Fall Into One Category)

    Turns out though that there are actually only four main personality types in the world and the majority of us more or less fit into one of those four. The four personality types are either optimistic, pessimistic, trusting or envious. Optimistic and pessimistic personality types scored equal, with 20% of respondents falling into these categories.

  • A Teacher's List Of 101 Stress-busting Tips Has Gone Viral

    Brett Phillips decided to go that extra mile for his psychology students, sharing a list of ‘101 ways to cope with stress’ with his class. One pupil at the school in Oxnard, California, was so touched by the gesture that she shared the list on Twitter, where it’s since gone viral. Alina Ramirez marked out the points that meant the most to her with a yellow highlighter.

  • Is your boss a psychopath?

    As many as one in five bosses in some industries are psychopaths, new research claims. Forensic psychologist Nathan Brooks says that while around one in 100 of the general population has psychopathic traits, this rises to between 3% and 21% in the

  • Science Says You Can Thank (Or Blame) Your Mum For Your Intelligence

    New research reveals we get our intelligence from our mums [Photo: Krewr Studio via Pexels] You know the age-old saying about getting your intelligence from your mother. Because according to science you get all your smarts from your mother dearest (whether you like it or not!)   New research featured in Psychology Spot and reported by Good Housekeeping says babies are born with conditioned genes that work differently depending on whether they’re from your mum or your dad. Allow us to explain the science bit, for anyone who switched off during biology, or who listened but didn’t get it anyway (blame your mother!) You see, intelligence genes are located in the X chromosome and since women carry two, that means children are twice as likely to get their intelligence from their mum. “Obviously, other genes work the opposite, are activated only if they come from the father.” Like mother like daughter [Photo: via Pexels] Still not convinced you and your mum are an intelligence match?

  • This Is What Gin Lovers Have In Common, Apparently

    There are two types of people in this world: Those who constantly crave a gin and tonic, and those who don’t. Researchers from Innsbruck University in Austria have found that those of us who love a G&T are more likely to have psychopathic tendencies than people who prefer sweeter drinks. This experiment was then repeated with the another sample of 500 people, confirming the results of the first - concluding that people who tend to enjoy bitter foods and drinks such as coffee or gin and tonic are more likely to display tendencies of “Machiavellianism, psychopathy, narcissism, and everyday sadism”.