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    Psychic surgeon claims to be able to heal using energy - and charges £120 a session

    Self-employed alternative medical practitioner Britta Hochkeppel claims she has healed hundreds of people and animals using psychic powers, which she inherited from her late grandmother. Hochkeppel left her career as a print maker in 1997 to

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    This Psychic Will Tell Your Fortune Using Your Old Waxing Strips

    Reading the tea leaves has had a bit of an upgrade; this Brooklyn-based psychic tells fortunes using your old wax strips.  Kat Thek says she was inspired to use wax strips based on a scene in Jurassic Park. “I noticed the mosquito’s amber looked like beauty wax,” she explained to Refinery29.  “That gave me an idea - if scientists could bring dinosaurs from the past to the present using amber, then naturally I could bring the future to the present using beauty wax.” 

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    Derek Acorah charged over Southport crash

    Red-faced ghost botherer Derek Acorah has been charged with careless driving after a collision in Southport, Merseyside, on

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    Psychic accused of planting fake 'ghost'

    A professional psychic has been accused of planting a chum in an attic to impersonate a ghost. Chris Date charges £12 for his spooky tour of Carmarthenshire's Halfway Hotel in Llanelli. During a tour of the stables, Date summoned up the