• Everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

    Samsung has shown off its new foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung's first folding device with a flexible glass screen. Here is a closer look at the new device. – Screen and hinge The flexible screen at the centre of the Flip

  • Here's why you shouldn't sleep by your phone

    New guidelines recommend keeping your mobile phone away from your body as much as possible.

  • How to fight off the cold callers

    Nearly a million pounds worth of fines have been issued against cold-calling companies in the last two months - but the problem still continues. In one recent case, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) caught Coventry firm Easyleads

  • Why calling 118 118 can cost you a fortune

    The cost of calling directory enquiries on 118 118 has rocketed over the last few years. Since 2015, the price has gone up by 50%, and it now costs an eye-watering £9 for a one-minute call. See also: Insurance firms charging £15 more when

  • Revealed: thieves' favourite mobile phones

    Nearly half a million Brits had their mobile phones stolen last year - and people in their early twenties are twice as likely to fall victim to thieves. While the good news is that mobile phone thefts are at a ten-year low, a shocking one in a

  • Tesco customers now have a new way to pay. Is it any good?

    From this week, Tesco customers will no longer need to take their wallet to the store - they can simply pay by flashing their phone. After a successful trial, the company has expanded its mobile payments app, PayQwiq, to every Tesco store in the

  • O2 changes name on account to 'idiot'

    An O2 customer has been outraged to discover that, following a complaint, the word 'idiot' was added to her account details. Aaisha Hussain, from Oldham, called the company last month to ask about upgrading her contract and recycling

  • Are your Christmas presents a gift to cyber-criminals?

    If you're planning to give a loved one a tech gadget this year, beware - you may be giving scammers a present too. Two of this year's most popular gifts, smartphones and tablets, are also the two most easily and frequently hacked, and

  • Are these potential killers lurking in your home?

    Samsung has told owners of the Galaxy Note 7 to turn them off while it investigates a second wave of reports that the phones have been catching fire. Last month, the company recalled and replaced 2.5 million phones after owners complained that

  • Where's the best deal on the iPhone 7?

    The Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus - the latest must-have phones - are now available to buy. They will be featured on the Apple website for purchase outright, as well as through major providers such as Vodafone, EE, Three and O2. But like all

  • Mobile bills set to rise after hike in licence costs

    Mobile phone companies are warning that customers' bills could rise, thanks to a trebling of their spectrum licensing fees. Regulator Ofcom announced yesterday that it was putting up the amount it charges the industry for using the airwaves

  • Firm scammed out of £1 million by bogus bank call

    A Suffolk company has been conned out of £1 million in what's believed to be the biggest-ever telephone banking scam. The conman called the unnamed company, claiming to be a representative of its bank. He said that the company's

  • EE emails customer calling him a f*****g c**t

    EE has apologised for calling a customer a 'f*****g c**t' in an email. Carpenter Charlie Doherty, 18, had been arguing with a call handler who refused to accept a £35 bill payment over the phone. He admits that during the conversation

  • Half of calls to the taxman don't get answered

    HMRC admitted yesterday that up to half of all the calls to the taxman never get answered. Chief Executive Lin Homer told MPs that in the first six months of 2015, the answer rate had 'dipped towards' 50%. She told the Public Accounts

  • £300,000 phone mast will help Cameron make calls on holiday

    Last summer, David Cameron complained about mobile phone reception in his favourite holiday spot - and this year, taxpayers are forking out £300,000 to improve it. The decision to install a 100-foot mobile phone mast near the Cornish village of

  • French woman wins payout for gadget allergy

    A French woman has been awarded disability benefits after a court accepted that she was suffering from an allergy to electronic gadgets. Former radio producer Marine Richard, 39, claims that she is sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, and

  • Liverpool has worst mobile blackspots

    Four in 10 people have trouble using their mobile phone at home and have to wander round the house in search of a signal. Liverpudlians have the hardest time of it, with 60% having some sort of mobile blackspot in their home, followed by people

  • Man 'stole his barrister's phone'

    A South London man is up in court - for stealing his own barrister's phone. Bobby Heath, 25, was up on charges of on charges of cannabis possession and driving without insurance at Bexley Magistrates' Court on May 1. He was found

  • Woman strings cold caller along with hilarious yarn

    A woman constantly plagued by cold callers has taken a witty revenge that's been viewed over 12,000 times on Facebook. Deanne Gold, of St Albans in Hertfordshire, says she had been receiving cold calls for weeks suggesting that she'd

  • Hove call centre made millions of nuisance calls a day

    A Hove call centre responsible for millions of nuisance calls a day has been raided and documents and computer equipment seized. The firm was using automatic dialling technology to make between four and six million recorded calls every day,

  • Phone users hit with shock bills as wifi cuts out

    Mobile phone users are reportedly being hit with huge bills because their phones are switching from free wifi to expensive 3G without warning. Many people take advantage of their home broadband connection or the free wifi offered by hotels or

  • EU scraps plan to axe mobile roaming charges

    The EU has abandoned its plans to get rid of mobile roaming charges by the end of this year. Currently, mobile phone users can face hefty charges when using their phones abroad, whether to make calls, check their email or search the web. In

  • Pensioner billed over £80 for single directory enquiries call

    An Ayrshire pensioner has been shocked to be charged more than £80 for a single directory enquiries call. Carol Sandford, 72, called 118 118 from her mobile phone, without realising the charge she'd incur. While calls to the number cost

  • Would you pay £60 for a light bulb?

    A new LED light bulb that can be controlled with a smartphone has launched after attracting more than £1.3 million in funding. There's no complicated installation required: the LIFX Wifi-enabled LED bulb simply needs to be screwed in to

  • Firms still ripping off consumers with premium rate phone charges

    Hundreds of companies are still using premium rate telephone lines to provide customer service - despite the fact that this was banned three months ago. According to the Fair Telecoms Campaign, offenders include British Airways, National Rail,

  • Could £26 smartphone signal start of price war?

    Don't have a few hundred quid to spare for the latest iPhone? Help is at hand. Indian company Karbonn Mobiles has launched a smartphone costing just £26. While the phone is available only in India, it's possible to order it online for